What causes bruising in dementia?

Stella10 asked...

My mother is 82 with late stage dementia. Is it normal for her legs to be bruised so badly. She can not walk any longer without two of us helping her. She is in her wheelchair then to the couch, bathroom and her bed. We are worried about all the bruising. Anything we can do for this?

Expert Answer

Ladislav Volicer, M.D., Ph.D., is recognized as an international expert on advanced dementia care. He is a courtesy full professor at the School of Aging Studies, University of South Florida, Tampa, and visiting professor at the Third Medical Faculty, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. Twenty-five years ago, he established one of the first dementia special care units.

Becoming unable to walk is quite common with progression of dementia. As people age, their skin becomes thinner and they develop bruises more easily. You might want to check which medications is your mother taking, because some of them, e.g., aspirin, inhibit blood clotting and may increase bruising. Also, sitting all the time may lead to some swelling of her legs.