Becoming government pd caregiver for mom in Nevada

1 answer | Last updated: Sep 18, 2016
A fellow caregiver asked...

How do I get certified to become a government (Medicare/Medicaid) paid caregiver for my mom in Nevada?

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Jpa answered...

Great question. This exact topic is on the mind of many Americans as they face the costs of caring for a loved one. As you probably noticed regular health insurance, long-term care insurance and Medicare/Medicaid do not traditionally pay family members to provide care.

So thinking about training is exactly what you should do! Let's look at Medicaid first. Medicaid ( focuses on families with low income and disabilities.

Medicaid allows family members to become caregivers and receive payment. The payment for these services isn't high (around minimum wage) but it can help with rising healthcare costs for your family. Medicaid can provide you with training, certification and help with paperwork.

To see if this program is available to you in Nevada contact your local Area Agency on Aging ( For example the number for Reno Nevada is (775) 688-2964. Ask for a Medicaid contact in your county.

If your Mother is not eligible for Medicaid but is under the Medicare program you will need to search for local training in your area. Courses are commonly taught for a reasonable fee at community colleges. Search for the terms "medical assistant training" and "health aide training."

Sometimes getting the time and funds to participate in training can be difficult. Talk to the hospital where your mother most recently made a visit and ask them for advice and tips. They can often have you come in and provide you with a lot of helpful guidance.

Congratulations on taking great steps to help your Mom. Write down three steps that you want to take next and you'll be on your way!