Will Medicare only pay for one spot of skin cancer to be removed at a time?

Coltin24 asked...

My dad has basal cell carcinoma and needs to have several spots removed from his face. Is it true Medicare will only pay to have one removed at a time or can he have two removed at the same time?

Expert Answer

There is no Medicare Part B coverage rule that forces a patient to undergo procedures in any particular order. The decision about how many spots are to be removed at any one time is up to your father and his doctor, based on what is medically necessary and reasonable, and on what your father believes he can tolerate. (If anything, Medicare would rather have more spots removed per procedure, since that is a more economical way to proceed.) It can make perfectly good sense, medically speaking, to have several spots in the same area removed at the same time, regarding both the doctor's time and your father's recovery.

If your father has any doubt about whether Medicare Part B will cover the multiple procedure, he should check with his doctor about it ahead of time. The doctor will almost certainly know how Medicare handles the situation. And if for any reason the doctor is not certain, the doctor can check with Medicare ahead of time, seeking its advance approval of the procedure and providing Medicare with any information it may need.