How do I find out if an assisted living facility accepts Medicaid?

Debbieb asked...

How can I find an assisted living facility in Texas that takes Medicaid? It takes a lot of time to locate facilities, only to find that they don't take Medicaid.

Expert Answer

As you've already found out, many assisted living facilities in Texas do not accept any residents who depend on Medicaid. And even when a Texas facility does accept Medicaid coverage for a resident, there are usually strict limits on what Medicaid will pay -- a special Medicaid waiver program in Texas covers some services provided in assisted living facilities, but not the full cost of residence. So, for any particular facility, you have to find out not only whether it accepts Medicaid payment but also how much of its costs Medicaid will pay and how much the resident will still be personally responsible for.

There are two routes you might take in finding these facilities. One, you can contact the Texas Assisted Living Association (TALA), which is a non-profit group that represents all the assisted living facilities in the state. They have a consumer support department you can contact, and they may be able to give you a list of facilities in your part of the state that accept Medicaid payment. You can contact the TALA through their web site[] or you can call them at 512-653-6604.

The other route you can take is to contact the Medicaid agency for the State of Texas and ask them for a referral to assisted living facilities in your area that participate in the special Medicaid assisted living "waiver" program, as it's called. You can go to the consumer information page of the Texas Medicaid web site or call them toll-free at 877-541-7905.