Is there a program in Kentucky to help pay for assisted living?

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Terry and liz asked...

Is there a program in Kentucky to help pay for assisted living?

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Medicaid in a few states covers residence in an assisted living facility, but not in most states. And apparently not in Kentucky. According to the Kentucky Department for Aging and Independent Living (DAIL) Web page on assisted living in Kentucky, neither Medicaid nor any other state program covers assisted living in that state. The explanation they give is that assisted living communities in Kentucky are operated on "social models" and do not provide health services, so Kentucky's Medicaid program doesn't cover them.

One possible avenue for help, though, is to combine Medicaid home care services with assisted living or some other form of residential care facility. Medicaid can provide long-term home care to people who qualify, and it can be provided wherever the Medicaid beneficiary lives. So, if you or a family member are looking for help paying for care, find out about Medicaid eligibility in Kentucky and the rules there for Medicaid coverage of home care.

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Anitap answered...

There is also Veteran's benefits, even for the spouse of a late war-time veteran.

3generations answered...

My dad moved to an assisted-living facility in KY this year. While medicare/medicaid do not pay anything, the facility (Christian Care Communities) participates in the HUD subsidy program. Under the HUD program, the assisted-living expenses are subtracted from my dad's monthly gross income BEFORE determining his monthly income for HUD qualification. Thus, while my dad is not directly having his assisted-living expenses paid, they are being deducted and did allow him to qualify for reduced rent from the HUD subsidy program. Note, however, that not all assisted-living facilities qualify for or work with HUD, so you should ask up-front what kinds of financial assistance are available.