are there any attys for caregivers when falsely accused? Looked everywhere.

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Rescue asked...

All the accusations mentioned in this blog are what you will be arrested for. Elder abuse as defined by law, is anything you are accused of. Doesn't matter if it is true or not. Trust me. If anyone can tell me of an attorney that represents a caregiver please let me know. I have yet to find one. I am to be sentenced to 22 years in prison from a lie my demented mother told. Please help! More and more caregivers of their family at home are being put in prison. No one to defend them. Caregivers unite. This could happen to you. Just a matter of time.

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A fellow caregiver answered...

There are no attorneys that represent caregivers. Not in Texas. The legal system is corrupt.

A fellow caregiver answered...

If you think you will get a fair trial, think again. Once you are labeled as an elder abuser, you are stuck with it for life. Your picture is immediately all over the internet. You are now a felon. You can't get a job. You can't rent an apartment. The judge will call you a "Mother Beater" "Elder Abuser" and despicable. The judge will personally threaten you and say whatever it takes to have you convicted it will be done. You will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Most important.... You will be told people with dementia don't lie. You will be told police reports don't lie. Please caregivers you can not win. Help this woman. She is 60 years old and took care of her mother for years. She promised her mother she would never put her in a nursing home. All of you listen. This is happening 800 times a day. Just got stats.

A fellow caregiver answered...

Legal system is extremely corrupt. If you are a baby-boomer and are caring for a parent this is a major win for the state. Think about it. You are probably 50-60+ yrs. of age. Your parent is around 80+. You are probably exhausted by the caregiving you have been doing and not in the best of health. If you are sentenced to 22 years in prison, guess who get all the family possessions including the home. We all know people with dementia/ Alz. don't live to 100 especially when all the symptions described in the blog are apparent. The state gets funding for you to be in prison. If you make a plea to keep from prison then you are FORCED into another trap. Probation, anger management, fees, fines blah, blah anything to collect more money. You will be in violation if you can not pay the fees and fines. But you can't get a job because you are labeled a felon. When you become homeless, well, that is against the law as well. If your car breaks down and you are one minute late to probation, court, whatever else they hang around your neck, you will be in violation. Another felony. And put in prison. In Texas the jails and prisons are equivalent to 3rd world conditions. Though kept from the public, many deaths and injuries occur daily. This is a fact. I have personally witnessed horrific treatment of people put in a Texas Jail. No matter what you are in a no win situation. The legal system is corrupt. It is pathetic there are no ethical lawyers left in this country. Not in Texas. Are there any legit attorneys that seek justice? Isn't that what they took an oath for.

A fellow caregiver answered...

Posted this in Accusations of theft forum, but here is my story:

To all, I'm in this hell now. My Father who has always physically ab used me, made it impossible to be successful as a kid to get anywhere, has money but lies about it. Makes everyone suffer, always did. He hates women, hates his family. Never tells the truth.
The really ugly part of this started when he got diagnosed with Lung Cancer...he was working still (vision gone? drove to work swing shift for an armored guard company) he quit working and went on disability at 87? sick? He started beating me up all the time, one night at 4am the heater was left on by him, he flipped out and beat me up. In that assault he injured his arm, big bruise. Well GUESS what? his FRIENDS all former co-workers took him to a Oncology appt. and he lied to doctor. Told them I just smacked him for fun. 2 Days later I went to jail. He accused me of everything under the sun, every check he wrote for anything to me he said I STOLE. Every Credit Card he offered to pay for Dental work etc. he said I stole. I was arrested for Felony Elder abuse was in jail for months. My mother is 88 has dementia and I have to care for her, Im on probation and guess what can't go near father, District attorney has protective order. So whenever Mom freaks out, DAILY she forgets I can't contact father. I am under constant stress, my father CLAIMS he is running out of money to pay for Mom's expenses, bills etc. and he is cutting her off. I am on disability with major heath issues. Father also claims Mom has to live with him, I live with guess what I will be homeless and no matter what I do to be helpful to Mom she forgets spends all my money. and has no real future....My message, BE CAREFUL if your elder parent makes that call to police it is hard to prove you are not guilty, their word is enough in some situations. It happened to me.

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