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Are brain aneurysms hereditary?

12 answers | Last updated: Jun 26, 2015
An anonymous caregiver asked...

If you have an immediate family member who had an brain aneurysm, what is the likelihood of having one myself?


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The likelihood of you having a brain aneurysm if one of your family members has one is rare, unless the aneurysm is caused by a hereditary disorder like polycystic kidney disease. Current recommendations state that if two or more family members (first degree relatives) have a aneurysm, then other family members should get screened with an MRI.


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AlwaysDaddy'sGirl answered...

We were told by the Dr's here in NY that they can be Hereditary. My Uncle had one 20 years ago after 10 years the clips that they used slipped and he had to go back in and have new ones put in they went through 175 of them before finding one that wouldn't slip. His son is now being checked regularly atleast once a year and His brother has one that is inoperable that he is being monitored for. So just be aware of the symptoms and get checked annualy or atleast make your DR aware.


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An anonymous caregiver answered...

I've had the same question. My Mom, her middle sister and now the youngest of the three women are deceased and all had aneurysms. I've been told they are hereditary. My Mom was 70, sister no. 2 was 65 and the youngest was 59 when they passed away. My sister, who is 62 and I'm 48 have not had an MRI yet.


janetrose7 answered...

I have the same question. My mother had a stroke secondary to brain aneurysm and her father died of what they called a cerebral hemmorhage. I believe the two are one in the same but not 100% sure. Both were about same age of 60 yrs. Ty.


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scooterbug1 answered...

Many doctors will not say they are hereditary, but if you have had a mother die of one and a sister have to have one opperated on like I have you would believe otherwise. Anyone who has a mother or sibling with one should get checked by MRI or MRA. A CAT scan did not show my sisters....MRA is clearer when dealing with the brain. My mother was 58 and my sister was 33. I will get checked every 5 years per my doctor. In my opinion, it is better to be safe than sorry. I would not want my son having to go through with my mom.


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hpcaregiver answered...

my husband is 51yrs old.He just had aneurysm surgery b/4 christmas.The doctor's told him they do not know what causes an aneurysm or if it is hereditary. If your family members have one you need to have an mri done to check,especially if you have bad headaches.God Bless you all. Please get two opinions atleast from 2 different doctor's especially if it is in your brain.Go to a neurosurgeon.


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ladyAngel answered...

Hi I am a servivor of having a ceribral anurisum my mom had 2 behind her right eye then in 2002 I had one also behind my right. Eye yes it is heretitary so if your having headaches plz get it checked out I now have memory loss and starting to lose my eye site in my right eye so don't fool around with health get it checked out hugs to all that lost a loved one and to all servivors


Donna P answered...

Ihad a ruptured brain aneurysm at age 34 my Mother had a ruptured aortic aneurysm at age 63 my father had an aortic aneurysm repaired at age 63 now my brother has a 3 mm brain aneurysm which they are gonna let grow to 7 mm like wow is this supposed to happen !!


ashleym043083 answered...

i know a lot of people on here say they are not hereditary, but i have had multiple people in my family have them, 2 aunts on my fathers side died from them, my mothers brother died from one, and my mother has had two, one was the size of a 50 cent piece. that makes me not question that they run in familes. and im pretty much a ticking time bomb.


ColleenDD answered...

I too think they may be hereditary. Unfortunately, I get it from both sides. My dad, 3 of his brothers, and his mother all had aneurysms. My mother and her mother both had aneurysms as well. I'm very vigilant and follow the McDougall Plan and the Esselstyn plan as well. I'm really frightened that family history may catch up with me in spite of all my precautions.


Lynn2875 answered...

In 2007 my father passed away from a aneurysm to the brain and now I was diagnosed in 2010 with a brain tumor which also causes 4 different kinds of seizures I've also had 2 strokes so my question is can the aneurysm be hereditary so I can have my doctors check to rule that out