Should an Alzheimer's patient be moved between facilities?

A fellow caregiver asked...

Someone with Alzheimer's -- should they be moved from one nursing home to another if they are used to the nursing home they are in at the moment?

Expert Answer

Deborah Cooke is a gerontologist specializing in dementia, delirium, caregiving, and senior fitness. She is a certified dementia care provider and specialist through the Alzheimer's Foundation of America. Cooke currently manages several multidisciplinary programs to enhance well-being for hospitalized seniors and other vulnerable patients at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. She also serves on the board of NewYork-Presbyterian's Patient and Family Education Advisory Committee. She has 18 years of experience working with the aging and caregiver communities.

I would avoid moving an Alzheimer's patient from facility to facility. You may encounter situations that may be appropriate for this to take place, such as abuse or moving them closer to you (if it's a dramatic distance.

Moving someone causes greater confusion and the person may begin to act out. Comfort and routine are everything for the Alzheimer's patient.

I apologize for the delayed response and hope this helps. Deborah Cooke