What is the adjustment period for a newly admitted parent with Alzheimer's to a nursing home?

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Hopefullson asked...

My mother had signs of early onset alzheimer's at 60. She's now 68 and advanced, god bless my brother who has been her caregiver for the last five years. We admitted her to a nursing home today and as expected it was rough. I told mom the "loving lie's" about needing to spend time with the doctor and we'll be back. As part of the admission process the staff nurse took her to get vitals and height/weight which presented a non-confrontational opportunity to leave. I checked in with the staff a few hours later and was told she was agitated and swearing a few times. I'm terrified that we would be told she can't stay and has to come home. My family can't do it anymore. I know it's only a day and there has to be an adjustment period. We've worked so hard to start to get my caregiver brothers life back after all he's done. I want to have some understanding of the adjustment period and typical tolerance of nursing facilities?