What are the best activities for Alzheimer's patients?

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A fellow caregiver asked...

I want to know what kinds of activities there are for Alzheimer's patients, or maybe surveys I can print or questions, anything helpful for an Alzheimer's patient. 

Expert Answers

Paula Spencer Scott is the author of Surviving Alzheimer's. A Met Life Foundation Journalists in Aging fellow, she writes extensively about health and caregiving; four of her family members have had dementia.

You don't specify what stage of Alzheimer's, but beneficial activities don't have to involve pencil-and-paper. Anything that stimulates the mind to focus and think, and/or that involves social stimulation with other people, is useful. This can include a surprising number of everyday activities. Try this list of meaningful activities for someone who has Alzheimer's.

Community Answers

Ilovenana answered...

It really depends on what stage the patient is in. Here are some activities that are helpful for us:

"¢Puzzles with large pieces "¢Housework

oCutting coupons

oRolling yarn balls oWiping down the table "¢Classic Games

oDominos oGo Fish oOld Maid oCandy Land

"¢Photo activities

oReminiscing oLabeling them Who is in the photo When is it from Where is it from oScrap booking


oMaking decorations Stringing popcorn, cranberries,cheerios oPutting up/taking down

"¢Sorting/Organizing Activities

oNails, screws, other hardware oCosmetics/Nail polish by color or type oButtons Use muffin pans to sort oCoins oSilverware oPlaying cards Match colors or numbers oCandy M&Ms or Skittles

Hope this gives you some ideas!