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I have accelerated Parkinson and accelerated Scoliosis ,...

5 answers | Last updated: Jul 19, 2011
JASTA asked...

I have accelerated Parkinson and accelerated Scoliosis , have you heard of other people like me; do you know where I can locate any information?


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BJ80 answered...

My father-in-law has the same problem. He has lost almost a foot in height since the onset of Parkinsons.


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JASTA answered...

Thank you for your reply. I also have lost height. I was diagnosed with Parkinson in 2006 and Scoliosis appeared in 2007; Where Scoliosis came from (when I turned 60) is a mystery, I have been seen by the best doctors i.e., UC Davis/UCSF and I'm classified as complex, unique and rare.
The only thing I did different in my life was taking Lipitor for 10 months in 2005 and had a reaction.


PDdaughter answered...

JASTA, you are not alone. My mother has Parkinson's Disease that progressed quickly ("accelerated PD"?) but her physical symptoms are finally under control now thanks to finding a good combination of medications that work well for her. Since being diagnosed with PD, she developed severe scoliosis for which she underwent major back surgery earlier this year. I'll do my best to answer questions that you may have.