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What are the non-surgical options for 100% heart blockage on one side of heart?

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uncertain in KY asked...

When you have 100% heart blockage on the right side and 80% blockage on the left side and they tell you that surgery won't work, what is the next step?


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James Frank is Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the V.A. Medical Center in San Francisco.
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James Frank answered...

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to manage coronary artery disease besides surgery. People who have limited coronary artery disease without heart failure probably don't benefit from surgery, and people See also:
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who have diffuse coronary artery disease that's spread throughout the vessels can't benefit from surgery because there's nothing to bypass. But people who aren't candidates for surgery can still benefit tremendously either from just medical therapy or from interventions like angioplasty and stenting, depending on the location of the blockage. But even if an angioplasty isn't indicated, medical therapy can help patients manage symptoms and prevent a heart attack. So there are lots of things that can be done, and a cardiologist will be able to help manage it. The person who has the blockage should talk to her doctor about available options.


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mustangsally91 answered...

This answer doesn't really address the original question, seems more like an answer from a lawyer than a doctor. Possibly due to the fact that doctor's don't know anything about natural remedies. My husband has heart failure and was diagnosed last Sept. '09. When he went to his primary care doctor for shortness of breath, he was told it was caused by stress and anxiety and given a script for Ativan. Then two days later with still shortness of breath and not being able to lay down and sleep at night, he's told, he might have walking pneumonia and was sent for a chest x-ray. The next day we're told that his x-ray was fine and was given another script for an inhaler which only caused my husband's heart to race. I even asked the doctor if my husband's symptoms could be heart related and was told, "no." I didn't except that answer so as soon as we returned home, I was on the phone making an appointment for my husband to see a cardiologist. Sad thing was, before we could have our appointment, my husband ended up in the ER due to the shortness of breath getting out of hand and it was scaring both of us. When we got the diagnosis from the ER doctor, I sat and cried. My husband could have died due to the poor judgement of his primary doctor. Since then, my husband was put on two different medications to help his heart and also a diuretic to remove the fluid from his lungs. He is doing much better even though his doctor wanted him to undo go an angiogram and we both decided against it for the odds in our opinion were to great for complications. We are following a protocol by Dr. Bruce West and I am giving my husband several supplements that strengthen the heart such as CO-Q10,l-carnitine,d-ribose, vitamin E, vitamin C, Quercetin, vitamin D3, and magnesium. He walks everyday and we try to keep stress levels low. I do believe each person has to decide for themselves what is best. For us, what we've been doing seems to be working. My husband sees his cardiologist on March 1st, we'll see how well he's doing now after almost six months since his diagnosis. Good luck and God bless.


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maoyee answered...

The idea is outstanding, would like to see results after your March 1 consultation. Coz me myself is having similar problems, though I've been prescibed medication from a cardio doctor, I'd like to learn about other options. Tks and good luck.


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mustangsally91 answered...

Today was my husband's appointment with his new cardiologist. The wait was a bit long for him as he also has a bad hip from a major car accident in Aug. 2008. He has plates and screws holding his hip joint together and he lives with daily pain and more pain as he has to do much walking. Finally called back to the exam room where my the usual happens, blood pressure taken and oxygen level. The doctor then came in and looked over my husband's records and we begin the process of explaining all we've been through and what we've been doing. He seemed like a nice fellow and he did listen, something that you don't often find. He definitely wants to change one of my husband's medications, switching him from lasix to another water pill that isn't so hard on his kidneys and is supposed to help his heart as well. He seems to think he can help my husband's heart to get better so I am hoping he is right. He told me to continue giving him the supplements that are part of his daily routine but he spoke that dreaded "S" word; Statin and then it was off to the races for me. I refuse to have my husband take any of those drugs for their side effects to me are not worth it. We are planning on changing how we eat and that in my opinion will go a lot further in gaining back good health. Ok, that's all I can tell everyone for now. Oh, there's talk of doing a Nuclear Stress Test. Anyone here know about them or have had one? I've been doing some research and I don't like the sounds of the side effects of it either...sigh.


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hurleyslady56 answered...

I was first diagnosed with CAD in 2002 when I had a stress test, Nuculear scan and arteriogram. he doc found 100% bockage on rigt side and two small blockages on the left. Now about every 18 months I go thru all of the test again for him to see if the two have gotten worse. I was scared the first time but it takes about 3-5 hours for it all.I first had hep lock put into hand for nuculear test the had to wait for my turn on treadmill then wait my turn on nuclear table Like laying on xray table, then you are told u can go eat for they want to let the die go thru system good then u go back and have another sent of nuclear pictures taken then u are thru andu can leave. I have not had any side effects for any of them. The arteriogram takes about 8-10 hours. te test only takes 30 minutes the rest is just laying flat on back with leg straight and nurses watching over you. The went into the groin of my right leg to the heart and released a die to show the arteries. That is why I had to lay flat for 8-10 hours for they put compress on the groin to make sure it stops bleeding. I am 56 now and I am still kicking and under doctor care every 6 months.I hope this helps.


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Saia answered...

Have any of you read Dr. Louis J. Ignarro? I am following his protocol of L-Arginine and L-Citrulline along with antioxidants. Also, a book from a cardiologist using this method with his patients instead of surgery. That book is "Just say NO". My surgeon wanted to replace my right leg artery with a vein, if my vein was wide enough, if not, then a man made artery. The man made artery would need to be replaced every four years. I thought that was too much for me. So I am following those doctors protocol. I stopped going to cardiologist and most Doctors years ago. Eased myself off all medicines, nito patches, etc. and I have been back into hospitals twice while I was learning to care naturally for myself. BUT, I am in great condition now if not for that artery, and I hope to have it fixed in about 2 months, we'll see. Forgot to mention the number one best thing for my heart pains was CAYENNE PEPPER, Nito would take minutes to relieve the angina but cayenne takes seconds. Try looking for Dr.Richard Schultz, a medical herbalist. He is the best!


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mustangsally91 answered...

Saia, Thanks for the great suggestions. My husband was diagnosed just over a year ago with heart failure. He saw 3 different cardiologists, all wanting to do an angiogram to look for blockages even though the one doctor didn't think my husband has any, his whole heart is weak, not just one side. I had to say, "no" to this procedure after doing research about them and that it can cause strokes and heart attacks in some patients. I wasn't about to have anything more happen to my husband, he already has permanent injuries from a car accident. I have not heard of Dr. Ignarro but sure will look him up. Right now my husband is on Dr. Bruce West's procotol for his heart and so far, he's not spent one day in the hospital. When he had his first echocardiogram, his ejection fraction was 15%. This past May, he was able to have the full test, with walking in the treadmill. We found his ejection fraction is now 25%. Hey, we'll take a 10% increase any day. So many doctors are to quick to want to due surgery as that is their bread and butter. How I wish more doctors would look into supplements and nature remedies before pushing their dangerous procedures on patients. The one doctor my husband saw was so cold and was trying to intimidate my husband by telling him he'd already had a couple of heart attacks, as that was what he saw with his echo. What a load of manure! His doctor he's seeing now who did the echo in May never said anything of the kind. It get so angry sometimes. Sure, my husband hasn't the energy he once had but he still can help around the yard and house, he just has to pace himself. I am grateful for each day we have together. I will keep you in my prayers that the remedies you've discovered will continue to work for you. You might look into Dr. West as well. Good luck to you.


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Saia answered...

The angiogram that my cardiologist recommended years ago is actually why my artery is bad now. I have no other blockage except where they took out a 3"blood clot after the angiogram. That was after I absolutely refused the option and scare tactics of them trying to force me to let them remove my right leg at the hip. The cardiologist was my Doctors younger associate, Mine had gone on vacation right after my angiogram. Now this was 30 years ago. The Dr. finally said he would call a vascular surgeon, (I did not even know they existed, at the time) Apparently my artery was injured by the vascular surgeon not just removing the blood clot but going down my artery with an instrument. I just had another one last month, for the vascular surgeon to tell me that now that artery is damaged with a 100% blockage. I am taking at a minimum, 3500 gr of arginine with 1500 gr citrulline,1000 gr taurine. All this dissolved in welchs grape juice for at least 30 minutes ( takes a long time to dissolve but you just got to let it wait)twice a day. Alpha lipoic acid and vit c, any other antioxidants you have would be good probley. Do read, or just look on you tube for dr Ignarro, there are vids there. The other Dr. is Dr Sinatra (easy to remember and the other book is The cardiovascular cure, by Dr John Cooke. I hope this will help some of you. I know I have searched for years for all this information. Dr. Cooke uses this in his practice and has for years. My question is where are the other Doctors getting their information from and why does it take a full generation to get to the public and general practice. Look how long it has taken the established Doctors to just be conviced if they washed their hands after examining their patients, less people would die. It is absolutely amazing!


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mustangsally91 answered...

Saia, What happened to you in my opinion is criminal! This is exactly why I said, "NO!" to the doctor when he suggested an angiogram and all the other tests he wanted. What good are tests when things like what happened to you occurred? Again, I get very angry with doctors today. Only reason I see mine is when my prescriptions need to be renewed. He's never helped me with anything other than my medications. Doctors today have no time to get to know their patients, which is sad. How are doctors to know what kinds of stresses etc. their patients might be experiencing which could be a real factor in treatments. Whenever I've tried to share with my doctor about issues, his reply, "find yourself a therapist and go and talk with him/her." How cold is that? I am a retired nurse, do my own research on the internet and make my choices as to what I feel is best for me. When I mentioned that I do research on my medications so I am aware of side effects to expect, I get told, "stop doing that!" I thought the medical profession wanted patients to be informed and to take an active role in their care. I am confused.


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Saia answered...

I so admire your strength! It takes a lot of courage to fly in the face of not only the doctors but also friends and family! I could relate umpteen different tales of my experiences with the medical society throughout my life. some are funny! When one of my sons' fuss at me for exercising my own beliefs instead of blindly following my doctors advice I just tell him if I did what the doctors tell me, you would not be here. You sound as though you are blessed with a great guy you married also, very nice! My family is nurses and teachers, except for me, I am in engineering, or was, I should say.

Lots of luck with all you are doing !


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CjMeade answered...

Proteolytic enzymes taken 3 times a day on an empty stomach, natto or the supplement form, nattokinase and an oral chelator like Zeolite Pure are all excellent ways to begin to open up clogged arteries. The human body has an amazing ability to regenerate when given the required nutrition and an optimistic mindset. Donna Gates, Body Ecology Diet is one of the most healing lifestyles I've ever tried. With God all things are possible! :) Blessings.


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LVKDRA answered...

Absolutely amazing Gal that MustangSally-91. Keep at it. Look up Hawthorn Berry and Extract(leaf,flower)seems to strengthen Heart muscle and decrease flutter occurrences. Nattokinase take on empty stomach, and natural plant sterols instead of statins, both help to decrease the LDL/VLDL plaque depositing type of cholesterol. Look up a DR. Chauncey W. Crandall IV who has had Heart attack himself and written about it. Look up ways to decrease the chronic INFLAMMATION that has been bothering him due to the car accident and hip injuries. Lower the body's reaction to these to decrease the inflammation and you will decrease the chances of the heart and arterial disease getting worse. When he walks - you walk too, keep getting moderate exercise, but also start lifting weights to create muscle in the rest of the body so your metabolism does not crater. Use Olive Oil or Safflower Oil to saute when needed. EAT FISH - SALMON, TUNA, COD, ETC. Take Flax, Borage, Fish OIL - these help reduce inflammation also. Spices like Cayenne and TURMERIC help too. Cut out all overly processed foods - White Flour, Sugar, & Rice. USE ONLY WHOLE FRESH FOODS, EAT A LOT MORE VEGGIES. Make sure his potasssium levels are correct. Don't use regular Iodized table salt. Get Real Sea Salt that does not have the other minerals processed out of it, or try Dulse as a salt substitute. Put ground Flaxseed on your foods, salads, cereals, - Do NOT USE Processed, Boxed Cereals. Use Real Grains when making breakfast cereals. You can use Whole Eggs, just not too many per week. Add Whey protein to most things you make to increase protein levels. Sorry I am sounding tyrannical and dictatorial but you are fighting for your lives. Best of your years and health to you, yes you can live longer. We are 59 with a 90 yr old stroke survivor with us, she also had CHF 14 years ago. She takes the very minimum meds for blood thinner and diaretics. Be Encouraged and Hopeful and do something FUN...LAUGHTER...is the Best Medicine, "It Does a Heart Good".


reload76 answered...

is it true superphos, chelation, or detoxamin can reduce or removed arterial plaque? presently i am interested to take anyone of this non surgical intervention to alleviate blocked arteries.


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mustangsally91 answered...

reload: HI! Yes, I have read quite a lot about chelation therapy It was widely used back in the 20's and 30's and I don't know why the medical profession stopped using it as it WORKED! It requires a few hours of being in a hospital setting as you need an IV while the chemicals are distributed and a doctor who knows what he/she is doing. I would go this route in an instant if I needed it. It requires patience as well but in the end, it should clear out any blockage.In the mean time get yourself some nattokinase. It has been used for decades by the Japanese and is totally natural. Hope to hear a good report in a couple of months as to how you're doing. God bless and keep a positive attitude, watch your diet as well and go walking. This is the best time of year to get outdoors and enjoy the sights and sounds of autumn.


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Thisworks answered...

I would suggest going to dr Schultz website and learning about cayenne pepper extract therapy - natural blood thinner and will immediately increase circulation. A must to emergency situations as well. Also angioprim.


jersey shore answered...

For all of you in the group you can get larginine in powder from gnc. it comes in flavors and has 5 grams per serving. it runs around 35.00 and works great for angina pain. I take up to 30 grams a day and the pain was gone in 2 weeks . dont stop taking it as the pain will come back.


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Kindred Spirit answered...

I'm skeptical of these blockage results.

If you got an angiogram and the cardiologist paraded into your room to show you the severity of the block, why are you not continually in severe angina as you heart should be experiencing oxygen starvation? Was the resolution on the angiogram high enough to show collateral arterialization or small arteries that some body's grow that can naturally bypassed the main artery shown? I do not know but this worth asking about. I had a 95% blockage and could ride a bicycle at 10 mph for 16 miles with no adverse affects. Indeed exercise made any pain I had go away. I was talked into getting a stent and have regretted it ever since. The stent that was placed in my "flexible artery" as described by my doc was apparently overstretched and I now suffer from severe spasms. Again, exercise relieves it. I believe I had collateral arteries that bypassed by blockage and that's why I could tolerate exercise as well as I did. I also believe that these arteries are too small to show up on an average angiogram. I wish I had gone the chelation route. Once you get a stent it is forever. It cannot be removed. I knew better but was coerced by a battalion of well meaning but uninformed, pharmaceutical-industrial-complex, brain washed, health professionals. They pushed hard for the drug eluding stent which I refused. I so wish I had left the hospital and arranged for chelation even if it meant leaving the country. I cannot tolerate statins and am taking 1000 mg niacin daily. I also find the following helpful: L-arginine and L taurine for widening vessels; hawthorn berry for lowering blood pressure and nourishing the heart; turmeric for reducing inflammation; L-carnitine/D-ribose/CQ 10 for energy: garlic/cayenne for thinning blood; resveratrol for raising HDL; Zyflamend to nourish the heart with omega 3s; and as close to a vegan diet as I can get. I also have to minimize olive oil using grape seed oil instead. I've always gotten daily exercise. Lastly, I've taken to Buddhist meditation. Hope this helps.


Tally answered...

There is a scientifically proven natural method to stop and reverse Heart Disease. The doctors just don't want you to know because then they will be out of business. Read Dr Esselstyn's Book "How to stop and reverse heart disease". There are many more books out on the subject but I find this to be the easiest one to read and understand. Dr McDougall also has some excellent books and information. You might have to change your lifestyle but it will be for the better in the long run. Unfortunately the insurance companies at this point are not paying to help people with this change, by providing coaches and classes, as would be helpful so you are sort of on your own, but if you want to avoid heart surgery with all its problems read up on the answer.


AlamJ answered...

My Father Has 2 Blocks In Right Side Of Heart. Now my family is getting confused to take the right decision (Bypass surgery or another method) because, 1st block is 100% and the 2nd block is 80%. Both are in right side. And the doctor told us about bypass surgery and ring block. But we don't know which is suitable for my father.

I asked to the doctor, "what do you think ? which method can be taken for my father ? And he gave me this ans "In my opinion both are right side and the % is 100% and 80%, so whatever you take it almost will work like similar". But my question is how the bypass and ring block technique will similar, or is that almost similar for the 100% & 80%.

And i know, from online i can have the best of the best solution for my father from the experienced people. After reading all this post, think you all the people is much more experienced, think you all can help me to know the right decision.

Now the main problem is,

we are very confused about the decision and don't want to take any risk with my fathers life. Hope you all can understand my problem :(

We just need a appropriate decision from all of you. Please, if anyone can, let us know. We can also send you all the reports to you.

Regards, Shuvo


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Legsdickson answered...

After a mild heart attack, at the cardiologist told me that I had 40% blockage Left Coronary Artery; 100% Right Artery. Then he said to me, essentially: "Stent, or die!"

I acquiesced, and he implanted one stent in the Left Artery, but said the Right Artery would need 5 or 6 stents and he didn't want to go there. Normally, he said, I would be recommending by-pass surgery on the right side, but you have established a collateral artery. It is narrow and fragile, but if you work at it, you can strengthen it and widen it over time. So for the subsequent four years, I have been following exercise and nutritional regimens to avoid by-pass surgery on the right. I regret allowing the stent on the left, but at the time I knew no alternatives. Since then I have learned a lot. I am using a supplement named Serrapeptase instead of chelation to address the issue of plaque. Serrapeptase is an enzyme extracted from the silk worm, who uses it to eat a hole in its cuccoon to escape as a flying moth. Like a PAC MAN, serrapeptase will digest anything in the body that is not living tissue. I am hopeful that over time it will clear out my arteries of plaque. I also take nattokinase and use a lot of garlic as blood thinners to ward off the possibility of blood clots, although I've never had a clot. I use L-Cystine Carnotine, L-Arginine, L-Taurine, One-a-Day Vitamins, Vitamin B-100, Vitamin C (high dose), Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q-10, R-Lipoic Acid, R-ribose, Cayenne Pepper with Tumeric powder and lemon juice in water, and a number of other supplements. I have weaned myself off all prescription medicines over the last two years and now take none. I follow a diet primarily of raw vegetables and fruit, nuts and seeds, with a moderate serving of fish or chicken breast for dinner. I consume flaxseed oil mixed thoroughly with low fat cottage cheese, with 1 tablespoon of fresh ground flaxseeds mixed in for breakfast daily. Then I have a green smoothie for lunch. Mid-afternoon snack is four or five stalks of fresh celery with a hummus dip laced with cayenne pepper, and sometimes an apple with cinnamon, or some raw walnuts or raw pumpkin seeds. I eat no refined starches such as white potatoes, white rice or white pasta. Four years out from my heart attack and at age 82 years, I am feeling fairly fit. I walk a lot, avoid elevators, walk up escalators, and drink plenty of purified water. The cardiologist tells me now I have "a strong heart." I am feeling very happy, and very lucky to be doing so well. I wish all of you here on this forum the best of health. Take care of yourself. Don't let the doctors get you down!


SomewherenKs answered...

Thank you all for your very insightful input, I appreciate it. My husband had a heart attack at the young age of 47, I am now looking for ways to 'fix' the damage done. The Dr. just wrote a few prescriptions and said if we had any problems, make an appointment. What I don't understand, why a Dr, who is suppose to care about his patience's well-being, not mention anything about alternative treatments, is it really money first. At any rate, thanks to all of you and the WWW, I have some research to do, a new beginning. Take care and be safe. Thanks to the WWW


thupp06 answered...

I am 29 years old and in October 2013 I was told I had walking pneumonia, for a week I took the antibiotics and steroids, then the discomfort was becoming more intense and I ended up going to the ER and got admitted. They say I had a light heart attack, but EKG was completely normal before the heart cath was done, troponin levels came back to normal after IV antibiotics, Echo was normal, so they wanted to do the heart cath to just check things out. I agreed as I have 3 small kids. I come out of OR from having heart cath done and when I finally came to enough I was informed a stent was placed in the main artery of my heart due to a 75% blockage. Saw the cardiologist the end of October for a follow up he insisted that everything was great with my heart and he just didn't understand the blockage I had. I go see the cardiologist early January and I'm informed that I need to lose weight, quit smoking, and get my thyroid removed. LDL cholesterol was 102 (said that was high) but HDL and Total cholesterol very good. Before I left he informs me that I need to start taking 80 mg of statins (currently was on 20), and there are other blockages in my heart. I'm all confused because he isn't telling me anything for certain, it's like he's playing games with my life. I'm looking for natural alternatives while I'm on the hunt for a new cardiologist.


clear blockage 100% answered...

Natural therapy for heart vein opening . And it will clear both side blockage of heart.

For Heart Vein opening 1)Lemon juice 01 cup 2) Ginger juice 01 cup 3) Garlic juice 01 cup 4) Apple vinegar 01 cup

Mix all above and boil in light flame approximately half hour, when it becomes 3 cups, take it out and keep it for cooling. After cooling, mix 3 cups of natural honey and keep it in bottle.

Every morning before breakfast, use one Tablespoon regularly. Your blockage of Vein's will open (No need any Angiography or by pass)


texpreps answered...

Have enjoyed reading all of the comments. My wife of age 48 died on January 30 during an angiogram in which the death certificate showed Coronary Dissection to be the cause, or a torn artery. It was day surgery. She went in at 3:30 and by 5:30 was pronounced dead. I am just lost without her. Supposedly the balloon that was inserted tore her artery. I just don't know enough about medicine and surgery but have been told this is very, very unusual even by doctors. Lost and lonely ...


Randall65 answered...

Take 1 tsp of cayenne pepper that is 90,000 heat units or more twice a day mixed with 3 ounces of pretty warm tomato juice.Been doing it for two years plus and keeps blood pressure low and I believe dissolves clots.Outliving my dad's age who had his first heart attack with 5 bypasses before 50 and died years later as well as feel great.My research says it will save you over the long run.Only my opinion but would not go a day without it and what do you have to lose.Good luck and do it with or without food cause once you get used to it the results are awesome.Feel great seconds after I take it.Make sure it's 90,000 or more and Ebay has it!


gurshawn93 answered...

there is another herbal solution which is has cleared blockages of other people. Not only that, helped with swollen hands and feet, breathlessness, cold hands and feet, DVT etc. it basically cleans out arteries by reversing the process that causes blockages. a patients blockage was completely cleared within 3 months. testimonials(must watch!) and product details are on www.junaid-sr.com . they will even ship the product to you wherever in the world you are. Theres a number on the website if you would like to call for counselling or even email. its a 100% natural and no side effects. plus you wont need any medical procedure or medication along with this. im sure it will work wonders for you!


wpbgent answered...

Has anyone here read "The Calcium Lie" ? I am in the middle of that book and it is VERY RELEVANT to Heart attacks, arterial plaque, alzhiemers...!!!


Hunter Thompson answered...

I've been using the Pauling Protocol for two years now (2g crystalline vitamin C every two waking hours, 6g Lysine per day, 6g Proline per day) and have had great results. Read "Practicing Medicine Without a License" if you want to see the studies and logic behind the PP. Basically the theory is that heart disease is a subclinical form of scurvy that humans have because we no longer have a gene required to make our own vitamin c from glucode in the liver.