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July 22, 2014

By unhappy spouse

I am a friend or relative of resident

My husband was a patient here following back surgery and the implantation of two stents as a result of a heart attack following his surgery. It is a good thing his heart attack occurred while he was still in acute care at the hospital or he surely would have died with LCCS. Two days after admission a urine analysis detected a bladder infection. 4 days later, they still had not started any antibiotics, had only increased his meds which rendered him in almost a zombie state but experiencing continued pain. Upon bringing family in which includes a former LPN knowledgeable about medical conditions and health care, it was discovered that five days earlier blood work done at an outside lab indicated his hemoglobin was very low at 7.6. The facility should have been aware of this, but they obviously paid no attention to the lab reports and failed to do anything necessary to rectify the situation. On that 5th day we had him moved back to an acute care hospital where he is now getting the best care as they are trying to get him back to a somewhat healthy state. The bladder infection has now gone into his kidneys making him one sick individual. All of this is due to the lack of competence, care and compassion provided at LCCS. I would strongly recommend no one sends their loved ones to this facility !!!! I am grateful my husband is alive and now in good hands. Consumer Beware !

May 18, 2014

By Cobby

I am a friend or relative of resident

When I went to visit my grand dad, I thought the place was great. Then I started to see care issues. So when I heard this place as an option for my grandmother I was afraid. This place has turned it around. The building looks and feels so much different and better for rehabilitation. That therapy team rocked it. We were kept informed from day one until the end. If I could change anything it would be more choices of foods. Other than that my grandmother loved it. She knew the staff by name and was always happy to see them. Great facility. This place has impressed me on the improvements and that's not easy!

May 18, 2014

By Out of town relative

I visited this facility

This was a disappointing experience. The room was neat and clean and the staff appear caring. The cafeteria, food and courtyard are all pleasant and attractive. The issues were with care. It often took 20 minutes or more after pressing the call button for assistance to arrive. My mother-in-law developed sores in her mouth and these were not treated until she left. Her primary doctor stated her was shocked. She also developed sores on her buttocks. Cause? The scariest was despite being told the medication being given was not appropriate it took a meeting with the administrator and family and a couple DAYS to get her medication changed. For Life Care there seems to be two choices - stay with your loved one and feed them yourslef and monitor treatments or go elsewhere.

January 30, 2013

By christopher12

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother was a patient at Life Care of Scottsdale after her knee surgery. I was told by friends that this facility was not good. I took a tour and decided that this was where Mom should go. Everyone has a private room, the food was very good and the care was good. Mom really did not want to leave. She had outstanding therapy every day and recovered quickly. On her second day, a whole team of experts met with Mom and I to discuss how they were going to care for her. Someone called me twice a week to give me updates on hoe much progress she was making. Both Mom and I felt like we were in good hands. I want to tell my friends who warned me against going there, that they were wrong. I will definitely recommend this facility to anyone. Mom is doing great and she still calls some of the therapist just to say hi.

October 18, 2012

By TedsKid

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My father liked the ice cream. They served that every day and to someone like him, that was a big deal. Over the course of nearly 5 years a lot of the staff were the same so my dad had the same male nurse every time he stayed here. Many of the other nurses were the same and while I didn't visit as much as my mom (who knows their names) I knew who they were. They were very good about moving my dad so he didn't get bedsores. He fell out of his chair once and so far as we can tell they found him pretty quickly on a routine check (he had no way to buzz for help.) The facility was clean enough, but really -- this is Scottsdale Arizona -- nothing less could be expected.

September 22, 2012

By ceres1

I visited this facility

M spent 3 weeks at the facility, before needing to be moved to a hospice care provider. The facility was well located in Scottsdale, near the 101 Freeway, and had good parking for visitors. The physicians were specific to the facility, not M's own doctors, but that is standard for assisted care facilities, I believe. M became extremely depressed upon leaving his apartment where he lived with my mother for 25 years. I don't think he even noticed his surroundings, even though the lighting, TV, furniture was in good condition. M was kept clean. He did not like the food, complained that his bed was uncomfortable. We asked that the food have chili pepper powder added to it, and the staff did so, which was great. The worst part of the facility: Old wooden crank style beds that weren't easily adjustable. They weren't like modern hospital beds or even regular beds at home. Everything else was modern and relatively new. M did not have his own room but that didn't matter to him. After a few days, his roommate was transferred to another room, and M did have his own room at that point. The care providers gave M his medications regularly as he had taken them at home. M was ambulatory, did not have a catheter nor need any help going to the bathroom. He needed some help bathing, which was given. He only got one bath a week, which he was unhappy about. Life Care was very good about arranging for M's transition to Hospice of the Valley when it became clear that he would need that. M had easy access to a telephone, and could make and receive local phone calls. He was able to receive long distance calls too.

June 26, 2012

By smileygal7

I visited this facility

The visit to LifeCare of Scottsdale was very pleasant, the staff was friendly and accomodating and the facility was very clean. There were numerous therapy room with lots of activities for the residents. They also had a monthly calendar of activities that the residents could participate in. Overall, I really liked the facility and could see my grandfather living in this place.

July 27, 2011

By jiggs16


This is a skilled nursing facility. This facility has a good, quiet location. It's not very accessible to much, and it's kind of hard to find. However, the location itself is really nice "“ it's in a quiet neighborhood near a school on a small street. They have a few well-kept patios outside, but they could use a lot more parking for staff and visitors. The common areas look nice "“ they're decorated nicely, and there are freshly baked cookies and water out. There's nice tile or carpet, and nice wide spaces for everyone to get through. There's not much common space if you're visiting though "“ only three smaller spaces, and not a lot of extra chairs. I also think the common areas smell really bad all the time. I've never been in a place that smelled so bad every day. The residents' rooms are very sparse. The bathrooms are well-equipped and wheelchair accessible. The rooms do have pleasant views. Residents can bring in their own decorations or furnishings. The staff are all really friendly and generally nice. As usual, they're overworked and could have a little better training. They are patient and caring with the residents. However, the staff is so overworked that resident care is actually compromised. They have a lot of falls and acute hospitalizations there, but I don't think it's the fault of the care staff "“ they're just too overworked. The food is okay "“ it's not very nutritious, and I'm not sure that residents can request things that aren't on the menu. There's only one set snack time during the day, and it's always ice cream. I don't think they have very many activities here, and they have very few participants.

June 10, 2011

By leezee

Friend or relative of resident

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness my father moved from the hospital into this facility. Upon my first visit, I wasn't thoroughly impressed. The hallways smelled strongly of disinfectant, but this was, in some way to me, expected. I noticed while looking for his room, many residents sitting alone in wheelchairs in the hallways. They weren't actively doing anything. I felt that they had simply been parked there. The wing that my fathers room was on was noisy. I could hear a lot of crying and yelling from other residents. The staff seemed rushed and stressed, as if there weren't enough employees to go around. Although I did meet several aides who were kind and cheerful, but they did seem like they had so much to do in a shift, they weren't able to spend long with each resident. I moved my father into another facility within 24 hours, where he spent the last few weeks of his life.
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