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Mendota Lutheran Home is a nursing home in Mendota, IL that provides patients with skilled nursing care as well as private or shared accommodations. Contact Mendota Lutheran Home for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Mendota Lutheran Home
Posted by SweetieLeice June 22, 2011

I am a friend or relative of resident

The Mendota Lutheran Home is one of three nursing homes in the town of Mendota, Illinois. My great aunt lived at this nursing home for just under six years. She passed away early in 2011. My experience with the nursing home was pretty good, I really appreciated how they treated my great aunt. I usually visited on weekends through much of the year, except during the Winter months. The staff was always great, whether it was helping to take my great aunt for a ride or if we needed assistance getting around the facility, or just about anything. I was not too happy with the facility itself though, specifically the building. That is not to say that it is dirty, but the building is very old and it just needs some basic improvements like newer bathrooms. I also do not care for the air quality, it seems to me that the air is rarely, if ever, getting refreshed. It is very rare (or maybe never) that a window will be opened, I think that contributes to the sense of mild displeasure I sense when I enter the facility. But those are my only complaints about this nursing facility. Overall it is a great place, the staff is very dedicated, caring, and helpful to the residents. I have been there dozens of times and I can tell by watching over the years that the staff really does care. One reason I think this nursing home may be so excellent is that Mendota is a relatively small town (roughly 10,000 people) and that worked well because many of the residents knew the staff, or at least knew of them, before they entered the nursing home. The size of the nursing home was beneficial as well, I do not believe there were ever more than 100 residents at any given time. That sense of space made the home nice. My great aunt and many of the residents had (have)their own room. I had the food served by the nursing home a few times and it was pretty good, at least better than I expected. My great aunt often would be involved in activities at the home, such as trivia, movies, and various games. The staff tried their best to not let the residents get bored or unhappy, and I appreciate how involved they were with my great aunt. With the exception of the building, the fixtures, and the air quality, I would give the Mendota Lutheran Home a top rating. The staff and management definitely get the best remarks I can give.

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