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Offering skilled nursing, medical and rehabilitative care for patients and residents while active seniors can enjoy a fun, dynamic lifestyle in our Assisted Living facility.

Reviews of Marshwood Center

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Marshwood Center
Posted by Caring77837350 January 30, 2014

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We had been at Marshwood Center about two weeks. It was the only one that had a bed. It's a small facility and it's very clean. I would say they're caring for the most part. I thought it was a good place for him to go. The people are very kind and they seem to be very attentive and willing to work with the person to try and get them what they need.

They have a very interesting therapy department. Before the person can get out of there, they have different set up. They have a store area where the person has to make a grocery list. They have to go find the items just like they were going to go through a regular grocery store. They have their little basket, put their little things in it and go to the cashier. They have an ATM machine there. Of course, this is all pretend money but it's all the things that a person would have to do when they get back out into the normal community. They have an actual car there for the person to be able to do their transfers, learn how to transfer from standing up, getting into the car or from a wheelchair into the car then getting out. They have a bed set up so the person can go live like a bedroom set. They also have an area like an entrance to a house. They have the door set up and they have the front porch and mailbox and it's very interesting, the way that they have set it up. They also have the weights and areas for the person to be able to get their balance and strengthening before they can even get in to this other area. Their therapy is very unique from other places that I have seen.

The rooms are semi-private. They have two different wings. One is for more advanced persons who can quickly recover and then they have another wing where the people take a little longer to recover. Then their upstairs is designated for long term nursing care and they have a dementia ward. I looked at the one that was going to take a little longer to recuperate and it's a very small ward. The first day of my father was there, he had his own room by himself. The second night, they had brought someone in. You clearly could tell this person needed long term care but he was in this skilled nursing area and he moaned all night long and kept the entire ward up. I complained and arrangements were made the following day for this person to be removed and put into a different place.

They had bingo. They have ongoing jigsaw puzzles. They offer Catholic services and regular non-Catholic Sunday services. I think they had some singing possibly.

Marshwood Center
Posted by Blackburn May 03, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Before he arrived at Marshwood, I was under the impressions that my grandfather would be receiving intense rehabilitative therapy during his stay. I was not happy to learn that he was receiving only 30 minutes of physical therapy a day; I felt that two or three sessions per day would have been more appropriate. Not to mention mental therapy - he received none, and I would have liked them to try some exercises to stimulate his mind. I was also not pleased with the level of cleanliness at the facility. There was dust in the corners and it stains on tables in public areas. After staying at Marshwood for a week and a half, my grandfather had to be returned to the hospital with a new stomach virus. While I understand that with his immune system already compromised, he was especially susceptible to new viral infections, I felt that perhaps the level of uncleanliness at Marshwood contributed to that fact that my grandfather caught this new infection upon arrival. The staff at Marshwood were very pleasant and friendly. The setting of the facility was also lovely; at the end of a cul-de-sac in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by forest.

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