The Cottages at Brushy Creek

101 Meadow Creek Circle, Greer, SC, 29650

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August 21, 2012

By jpsmoothy

I am a friend or relative of a resident

i hated the fact that my family put my grandparents in a nursing home bad enough, but when i saw how unhappy they were there it convinced me to never let my kids do that to me. the smell was the worst smell i've ever had the displeasure to encounter. the food looked nasty but was by all means better than hospital food. the staff seemed nice enough and i never had a reason to suspect any kind of abuse from them twards my grand parents. the whole thing just seemed wrong somehow. ive already told the people that are closest to me me that if i ever get to the point that i need to be cared for by an outside entity, that i am to be put down.

April 19, 2012


I am a friend or relative of a resident

The Cottages at Brushy Creek was a very clean facility. It was fashioned like a lodge with stone walls and wooden floors. Each independent unit housed 12 patients. The cooking was done in the unit by a cook that would cook to order for those able to express their food wants. There was a center area with couches, chairs and plasma TV. These were the positive aspects of the facility.There too many negatives so I removed my father from the facility. The staffing level for nursed was substandard. Many times there would be no qualified medical personnel in the building and I would wait 30-45 minutes for a nurse to come from another building if I had a question about my father. One time my father fell out of the bed and 2 patients helped back in the bed as no employees were to be found. On several occasion my father had dried feces on his gown. The administrative people were terrible. For example I could have purchased an air mattress for 750 dollars. I only found out about this when I received a bill for 900 for air mattress rental (30 days at 30 dollars per day). I feel the administration was deceitful about costs and had zero interest in help the family save money. I would never trust those people even if they told me "water was wet"I would not recommend The Cottages at Brushy Creek to anyone

March 23, 2012

By O'Neal

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Overall I was disappointed with my father's experience at the Cottages. The facility itself was lovely. As the name suggests, there are 10 or so cottages on a small campus, each housing 10-12 residents each. The buildings were newly built in a lovely Arts and Crafts style.The staff I dealt with seemed overall to be willing to help but unable due to strict rules about their authority. On one occasion while visiting my father, I felt sure he was suffering from a UTI. (I had cared for him at home for several years previously and was familar with his symptoms.) The staff member there at the time was not allowed to call the doctor in directly. She promised to work up the chain of command to find someone who could do this, which lead to me being finally called back at 3 am to be informed my father had a UTI.Conversely, the people in the billing office felt free to order whatever they wanted for my father without consulting me. When I went to pay the second months bill, it was 600 dollars too much. On inquiry, they informed me they had started renting an air mattress for my dad at 20 dollars a day. When I complained of the cost and not being asked, they informed me I could just buy the same mattress outright for less than the one month's rental.I saw no signs of any sorts of physical or mental abuse. And the cottage was always well maintained. But as one of the most expensive assisted living facilities in Greenville county, I expected much more.
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    The Cottages at Brushy Creek is a nursing home in Greer, SC that provides patients with skilled nursing care as well as private or shared accommodations. Contact The Cottages at Brushy Creek for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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