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Reviews of Williston Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

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Williston Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
Posted by Janet11 March 28, 2013

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I recommend their rehab 100%. The physical therapists were extraordinary. When my mother was due to come home, they came by to check to make sure the place was ready for her. They could improve on their nursing though.

Williston Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
Posted by Crisis Care Manager August 09, 2011

I am a past client of this provider

My husband's great aunt was a former resident or Oakview Rehab and Nursing Facility. She stayed approximately three years until she was moved to another state to be closer to my husband's uncle. A few positive points about the facility..1. The food is a very good for a nursing care facility2. It is relatively clean (no overpowering urine smell)3. There are some very nice nurses and aids working thereA few negative points to be made (unfortunately)1. Administration turnover is quite frequent (even for healthcare facilities, which is frequent anyway)2. Some of the current residents / patients seem afraid of retribution from certain members of staff. ( example_there is a very large lady who lives there, she shared a six bed room/ward with some of the other patients I got to know while we were making our weekly visitations. I overheard a nurse tell this resident to.. sit her fat @$$ down unless she wanted to wait another hour for her treatments. I complained to the nurse and to another nurse I assumed was her immediate supervisor. Much to my horror, this nurse was still there, the next week when we came to visit. I was told by some of the younger more ambulatory patients that basically thats just how it is.. you keep your mouth shut and wait for a turnover in administration . That was about six weeks ago_ I am wondering if things have changed yet)3. I really do not see a lot of physical therapy going on. I think our great aunt would have benefitted for daily exercise, even if just something as simple as lifting light weights or walking to the bathroom with assistance. 4. There seems to be no reception or secretarial positions. Its very difficult to reach anyone after 5 pm. Sometimes the phone rings and rings or you will be transferred more than five times before getting the party you are looking to reach.5. Some of the nursing staff goes beyond what is appropriate when discussing matters of religion in the hallways. They are passing out healing crystals to staff and residents alike, although this is a kind gesture Im sure, its just not appropriate behavior for a nursing facility. Summary: A relative clean facility with exceptional food and staff. That could need some addition work in the areas of: reception to organize and route incoming calls, Physical therapy needs to be offered to more patients, a few staff members should be counseled and/or weeded out. All is all, perhaps administration needs to pay more attention to their patients and take a proactive listening stance (perhaps visits or suggestion boxes)

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