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April 01, 2016


I am a friend or relative of resident

NEGLECTFUL - BEWARE of VillaSprings in Erlanger. I took my mother to VillaSprings for a 10 day stay for therapy to regain her strength after being hospitalized with pneumonia for 7 days. She had a Care Conference scheduled for the 12th day to discuss her progress. I insisted that the Care Conference be held on the 10th day, as her strength was much better than it was BEFORE she was hospitalized with pneumonia. At the Care Conference they had no intention of releasing her simply because the results of a urinalysis culture would not be back for a few more days...(the urinalysis had NOTHING to do with the reason she was at VillaSprings...she was ONLY there to work with PT to regain strength.) I insisted that she was going home with me at the end of the Care Conference to which the response I received was, "the doctor will be in later today and they would see if he would authorize her release." She went to VIllaSprings on her on free will and they treated her as though she was a prisoner there. Besides the face that she was now strong enough to return home, here are the reasons I WOULD NEVER recommend VillaSprings: 1) We complained to the staff on a daily basis for 8 1/2 days that my mom had severe diarrhea which is VERY abnormal for her. It was only when I went to the director of nursing that someone finally listened. She ordered a stool culture which came back that she had acquired C-diff during her stay. This can be fatal when left untreated. Its highly contagious so much so that the Center for Disease Control recommends isolation to prevent other patients from being infected. My mother was not isolated and I was informed by the nursing director that it is not their policy to isolate patients with C-diff...and therefore they left my mother's roommate in the room with her! 2) Upon finding out (via phone call on a Sunday afternoon) that my mother was positive for C-diff, I was informed that they would begin her on an antibiotic to fight the infection. I arrived almost 2 hours later to visit and my mother stated she had not yet received her antibiotic, but that she did receive her 6pm pills a few mins ago. I went to her nurse and when the antibiotics would be started and she informed me they would give her the first pill at 9 pm. I asked her if the delay in beginning treatment was because the medicine had yet to be delivered and I was informed that they had it and that 9 pm was just a more convenient time for them. I then insisted that they prolong treatment no longer and she took her the first pill at 7pm. 3) When my mother first arrived at VillaSprings she was very weak and could not get out of bed or get to the restroom without significant assistance. While I was there with her the 2nd day, I had to get assistance for her from the nurse aids in the restroom. Upon the aids getting her back to her bed, I noticed they left the bathroom in filthy conditions. There was poop (mind you diarrhea from the C-diff) on the walls, hand bars, toilet base, seat, everywhere. Then I noticed my mom also had poop smeared on the back of her hand, on her bare shoulder and on her cheek. The nurse aid did not even attempt to assist my mother in washing her hands or cleaning my mother up...she just put her back in bed that way. 4) On her last full day at VillaSprings I arrived at 1:35pm. A few minutes later a nurse aid brought my mother's room mates lunch tray to her room mate and left. At 1:45 my mother informed me that she was still waiting for her lunch. I walked out to nurses desk to enquire on the whereabouts of her lunch. Her nurse told me that her lunch ticket must have gotten lost and that she would go down and get her a tray. At 2:15, still no lunch. I returned to the nurses desk to enquire where my mom's nurse was with my mother's lunch. The nurse that was behind the desk acted and spoke as though she was on drugs...she was slurring her words and could not take down correct info or appear as though she comprehended much. (I was later informed that she is an RN!) She finally said she would go down and get her a tray. I waited by nurses station another 10 mins and she reappeared and stated that someone downstairs is now preparing a tray for her. FINALLY at 2:40 in the afternoon a tray appears in her room by the same nurse aid that brought the room mates tray in at 1:35 and states, "I'm sorry you didn't get your tray...I usually bring both trays in at the same time." She then leaves and my mother begins to eat, only to have the same nurse aid walk right back in the room with a wheelchair scale and tell my mother it was time to get weighed...rather than allowing her to eat the lunch that was almost 3 hours late!

March 07, 2015

By Patient of this facility

I visited this facility

I was a patient at this hospital and hope to never be there again. The food was cold garbage.y The staff was always yelling to get up for breakfast at 5am and go to the dining room. You want food in your room and do not care to look at people worse than you first thing in morn. Big problem was getting some one to help you to bathroom. I found out to set the alarm off in your chair will get their attention,

February 01, 2015

By camiel

I am a friend or relative of resident

My husband was recovering from a severe stroke, when he went to Villasprings.He really didnt get much rehab and spent most of his time in bed.He wore the same catherer for 20 days and ended up having a kidney infection,which set his recovery back.He then was sent back to the hospital for treatment.I do not recommend this place at all.

March 03, 2014

By rita8533

I am a friend or relative of resident

My dad lived his last 5 months under hospice at Villa in 2007. I'm sure the staff has changed as well as other things since then, but at that time we were very pleased with everything. My dad was well cared for and when able he participated in activities, church, 4th of July celebration, and really liked the meals as did we. From Aug. 2010 until Oct. 2013 when she passed at 95 yrs, my dad's sister enjoyed living at Villa. Her care was excellent, she made a lot of friends, and loved all the activities. She passed suddenly from pneumonia.

January 31, 2014

By barbara miller

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Mom is staying in Villaspring. It is a nice place and it has a Medicaid bed available. I guess there are fancier places out there, but this is a nice one. They are not as larger as I like and the rooms are as not as large as I want it to be, but it is an inviting and a very homey place. The service that they provide is adequate. It can be better in some areas, but they do have very compassionate and caring staff. I think like all homes, they can have more staff. For the most part, we have not experience any staff that is not caring or not very respectful with our mom or very responsive to any concerns we may have. They have an activity director there that keeps them very active on anything they want to be involved in. Mom seems very happy with her food and the food seems adequate. However, I haven't tried it myself. They try to keep them out of the room and into the activity room with things going-on on the better part of the day.

February 04, 2011

By shleesmith

Great place!

My Mom receives excellent, caring supervision. The building is beautiful! Everyone has been kind and helpful. If someone has to be in a nursing home, this one is well above average!

February 06, 2010

By barbara-1

My loved one stayed here

On my father's first day at villasprings he was given sour milk with an expiration date from one week earlier. His bed sheet was not changed, he was not given fresh water on one occasion from one day to the next, the rehab nurse put him on the bicycle and let him pump for 20 minutes. He was 90 years old and was in extreme pain the next day from sore muscles. The last day he was at villasprings he fell and the young man caregiver on the floor walked out of my father's room when we were trying to lift him without even offering us any help. That was when we yanked him out of villasprings. I do not recommend this nursing home.
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