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About Park Place Health & Wellness Center

Park Place Health & Wellness Center is part of the Park Place Continuing Care Retirement Community, but you can also gain direct access to health services here. The Wellness Center offers rehab, assisted living, and even memory care if needed. For families who need differing levels of care, Park Place is an elegant option. Call to see what openings are available!

Reviews of Park Place Health & Wellness Center

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Park Place Health & Wellness Center
Posted by 1 sick cookie May 30, 2014

I am/was a resident of this facility

I went to Park Place on the advice of my doctor. I'd had a total knee replacement and needed residential rehab. The rehab was wonderful because it was provided by Marianjoy, which has a terrific reputation. The rehab room was bright and cheery, if a little cramped. Therapists got along well (a good sign), were friendly, and persistent in achieving patient goals. Park Place itself is all smoke and mirrors. Decor and decorating are pleasant, but the beds break down. I was in the room when a second bed was brought in. The engineer (under the bed)muttered how they were always breaking down. Another engineer, working on another problem, said that management was milking it (Park Place) for money, but not putting anything into keeping everything running. Lunch in the dining area comes with a linen napkin. Dinner is a paper one. The food comes from a short order kitchen. Some comes from the residential building next door. It is bland and poorly presented. A cheese sandwich for supper is just that: slightly toasted white bread with a piece of American cheese in the middle on a beige plate. No garnish. Nothing to make it appetizing. The staff person who answers your call button (no speaker system) is the same person who retrieves your meal from the kitchen. They are overworked and not very enthusiastic. If you are unable to move about under your own steam, you'll wait a long time for a glass of water. At one meal an administrator approached the table and asked everyone how things were. Three of the ladies politely said, "Fine," but I was the one with the cheese sandwich, so I said, "Dreadful." He did not wait for an explanation. He merely said, "Oh" and moved along. That says volumes. I will go back to Park Place for my second knee replacement when it is time. You can't beat the therapists and I'll need someone to fill the ice chiller for my knee, but I'll leave as soon as I can, just like the first time.

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