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October 10, 2013

By PurpleViolets77

I am a friend or relative of resident

My family member was a resident of this facility for several years. During my visits, it was very apparent that they were severely in need of updates and a better cleaning routine because of the horrible and dirty environment that the sad residents have to endure there. It is filled with the strong smell of urine and feces. Residents would be left unattended in the hallways for long periods of time, seated in wheelchairs that were already soiled with the residents excrement. My family member had left the facility unnoticed for hours before he was found. This happened at least three times. thankfully he was not injured or harmed in any way. My family member was suffering from Dementia and Liver and Kidney Failure and also required dialysis treatments in this filthy, disgusting place. But my main complaint is the most recent incident where my family member was placed in Hospice and lasted 1 month and 1/2 then passed away on October 02, 2013. Then, he was transferred to the facility where there would be cremation services provided.The Doctor was constantly notified by phone, fax, and even in person by the facility director in regards to signing off on the death certificate. but this Doctor who is a longtime caregiver at this facility and my family members primary care physician, constantly would blow off the request made by anyone!! In the meantime my family member is lying in a cold storage area at the cremation facility for an ENTIRE WEEK!!! This is unheard of! When the facility's director brought the subject up to this doctor and described that the deceased persons family were very dissatisfied and were requesting an explanation as to "WHY" he was refusing to sign the death certificate that would allow cremation procedure to go forward, this Doctor just shrugged his shoulders and walked away stating that he "he had nothing to say". If it weren't for the Hospice Agency, and Social Workers that are not affiliated, stepped up to help me with this sad, and stressful time for myself and my family. They helped in the coordination of the cremation, the coroners visit for death confirmation etc., I would NOT have gotten ANY service from this facility where my family member has been a resident for several years and thousands of dollars were spent there for such crappy care if it weren't for the nice people from outside that came in to help me. It finally took 1 WHOLE WEEK!!! That FINALLY my family member was able to have a signed death certificate to proceed with proper services. I just want to say that it's such a shame that people have to be treated this way after the death of a loved one!!!! Not to mention that the person who has passed away has to lie in a crematory in such an undignified manner because a doctor couldn't find the time to sign his death certificate??? I've constantly had to clean the room myself for him, request necessary items to make his stay more comfortable and constantly remind the staff personnel to clean him because he was soiled or to change the sheets because they were always left dirty!!!! I feel sorry for ANYONE that has to stay there because of their circumstances in their life!!! God Help Them All!!! Note: This letter of complaint is from the sister of the deceased resident and dictated to another person that has access to email and internet usage.

September 25, 2013

By louie1955

I am a friend or relative of resident

This nursing home was filthy,nasty the microwave had mold growing in it. The refrigerater was filthy nasty, there were roaches in my family members room, needless to say there was a roache in the dialysis room!!!!! nurse took me on a tour of thhe dialysis room she seen the roach too, my family member was already in this fautilty and he was on dialysis. Medciation was always a issue, either doctoors orders were not in or paper work was not complete in order to give up to date medication. Wound care my good help the person depending on these social workers,management and the nursing adminstrator. wound care was a night mare. There was this one aide that did not know how to use a holer lift the young aide was not knowledgeable in anything , she could have dropped my family member, I told her stop annd go get sommeone that knows what they are doing, I told her you are not going to drop my family and learn later!!!! anyways I I I and when I say I got someone who knew what she was doing a knowledeable black girl(aide) she was the best aide there and there were a few more good aides thank god. the nurses were great they could only do what upper mangement says, and I know there times they refused to do anything that could jeopardize there LPN license, . anyways management I don"t care for for enought reasons. I heard one of the social workers scream at a resident in the hall way, she told him he did not have any money and neither did his mom so stop begging for money I gave that res some money I felt so embessed for him. the social workers had a attuide, god help anyone going into this place.

April 17, 2013

By Martriers

I am a friend or relative of resident

Here are my observations after spending 2 full days there visiting my mother who is in the early stages of dementia. "¢The place is bland and needs to be updated. Nothing home-like in any way. No decorations/artwork. Tiny cramped dining/rec room. "¢Mom is highly functioning and is currently placed with residents who are low functioning and she cannot interact with them. "¢While there for 2 days, the staff spent less than 1/2 hour on recreation which only consisted of asking them a few trivia questions. For the most part the patients just sat around with nothing to do. Very little radio or TV time. "¢Patients needs were ignored because it didn't fall within the schedule. Residents in wheelchairs couldn't go to the bathroom or go back to their rooms because they had to wait until it was "time". "¢A resident ate his dinner and someone elses. When I pointed it out the CNA just king of giggled. That says to me they aren't paying attention to the patients. "¢I saw one CNA pick up residents bread with her bare hands on several occasions. This same CNA went through the finished trays sitting on the cart to look and see if anyone had left their fruit cup so she could give it to a resident who asked for an extra one. "¢They let my mom wear the same clothes 2 days in a row. I'm concerned that they aren't making sure patients are putting on clean clothes or undergarments. There was one patient who wore the same outfit the 3 days that I was there. "¢The headboard and dresser in moms room are filthy and don't appear to wiped down or sanitize in who knows when. One staff member raised her voice at the patients and could be heard across the building. Patients were left unattended on several occasions.

July 25, 2012

By rosie48

I am a friend or relative of resident

Some lazy cnas, bad management. I did not like this place.

June 28, 2012

By Sharon G.

I am a friend or relative of resident

I have first hand experience with Courtyard Healthcare Center faculty and staff. My brother has been a patient there for over two years. The staff is extremely caring and dedicated. The management is hands on though they allow their Director of Nursing and staff to handle the patient affairs they remain engaged. These are traits lacking in many of the residential care nursing home facilities. This is not an easy field to work in resulting in under-staffing. However, this facility can be applauded because they make patient care a priority. My brother is being transferred to another facility and that is being handled with extreme care and concern for his well being. I gladly go on record as stating outward appearances are over-rated. Patient care is of primary importance. These facilities are performing tasks the families are unable to perform.

January 27, 2012

By Caring201973

I visited this facility

There is a sign on this facility that says that the Courtyard is rated the highest in nursing home care in Berwyn. That's not saying too much for Berwyn. This nursing home is typical of so many other nursing homes that I have seen which is to say it is not great nor is it terrible. When you walk in there is an average sized lobby. I did not find it very welcoming. There is a receptionist behind a glass window and I had to wait a couple of minutes before she made eye contact with me. The entire place seemed pretty institutionalized. The facility was moderately clean, but I did smell urine on some of the floors. The residents' grooming was not the best. The staff seemed dedicated, albeit somewhat frazzled and overworked. While I did not see anything overtly wrong with the Courtyard, there is little also to recommend. I remain neutral about this facility.

January 20, 2012

By ssj1986

I am a friend or relative of a resident

The staff seems a bit short-handed, but they're doing the best they can. It's a Medicaid facility so it isn't as upscale as a private location. They do provide different forms of therapies and have a convenient visitation schedule. Their safety rating isn't the best and that's a concern. There have been complaints of stolen items, but the staff do treat the residents with respect and dignity, so far as I've seen and heard from my family member.
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