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June 04, 2014

By Guest99

I am a friend or relative of resident

My relative stayed in this facility for rehabilitation after her second surgery. I will add to this list of unsatisfactory reviews of Kingsbrook. To say the least, the service was horrible and I would not recommend it to anybody. DO NOT SEND A RELATIVE HERE. IF THERE IS NO OTHER CHOICE, MAKE SURE A FRIEND OR RELATIVE IS ATTENDING TO THEM AT ALL TIMES. I felt bad that a lot of the patients on the same floor as my relative were much older and likely getting the same poor treatment. Their conditions seemed much worse and I cringe at the thought of how they were treated. The problems I had were as follows: As previous posters have mentioned, the staff did a poor job of attending to the patients. One time, for example, my relative needed a medication at night. It took them two hours after repeated calls to finally get that to my relative. They also failed to respond to a call for help in the restroom once - my relative had a hard time walking which made that a dangerous situation. Some of the staff was rude in addition to being unattentive. For example, one of the staff (as usual) ran late with the medication. When we brought up the medication being so late, the staff member gave a rude response. A stomach virus went around the area where my relative stayed. We asked for immodium, but they said that it wouldn't be needed and the virus would go away on its own. Given that they were health care professionals, we trusted their advice. Needless to say, my relative's condition does not improve after a couple days. After arriving home and taking a dose of immodium (we took advice from an RN we knew) it went away within a half day. I would avoid this place if at all possible. It's one thing when a business has a rude, unattentive staff as is seen in some places, but it is dangerous when it happens in a health care facility. I have friends who are nurses and when we described the scenario of this place to them, they recommended that my relative leave the facility and to not be nice about it. That's a short part of the experience we had, but we left the facility after three days. The nurse in charge mentioned that another patient was disgruntled and leaving the facility for the same reasons. I rate this facility a 1 star out of 5 and I would give it less if I could.

January 30, 2014

By B2345

I am a friend or relative of resident

I had family in this facility and they were left alone most of the time. I checked on my family daily and spent many hours at Kingsbrook. I have nothing good to say about their care of patients 90 per cent of the time. If you want your loved one left alone all the time this is the place to take them. My loved one's room mate could not get them to answer her bell either. They would come in the room and say I will be right back, but they never came. The main office staff was rude, talked down to family members and complaints were overlooked. Please think long and hard before you leave a loved one in this place. I had no choice in the matter as Kingsbrook was the first open facility and my family member was having to leave the hospital. IF you have a choice, please look around the area for a better place that will truly "care" for someone you love.

January 09, 2013

By baybay

I am a friend or relative of resident

Don't bring your loved one here unless you can be there with them 24/7. I can only speak about the wing my loved one was on and cannot speak about the other staff on other wings. Not everyone on that wing was inadequate at their job, but at least three quarters were and that's way too many to be working in this environment. I took my loved one out of that environment and don't care to tell anyone talking about taking someone there not to do so unless you can stay day and night with them. Overall rating would be a negative but it won't let me give that rate. I had to rate quality of care because there are a few good care givers. Helpfulness is poor they ignore you at the nurse's station and then act like you're a bother to them when they do acknowledge you. When I couldn't be there they were very rude to other family members. Not all their equipment worked (blood pressure, temperature etc.) and said they would come back and retake but never did (although they logged numbers). They dropped medication off in the room and didn't make sure it was taken; they just logged that it was taken. Wouldn't answer call button for 20+ minutes and would come in and say they would be right back; but never came back; I would have to go and get them. This is just a few and I mean a few of my concerns. I realize that this is a very hard job, but when you put the care of your loved one in their hands that's what they are trained for and they know what to expect when they chose that field. Why are you still there if you don't want to be a caregiver? Please like I said if you love the one you're thinking about placing there be prepared. It's beautiful on the outer shell, but the inside of the wing I dealt with was completely rotten!

January 19, 2010

By Stephanie-1

My loved one stayed here

We found the staff to be excellent. They were attentive to the needs of my family member. They made sure pain was controlled. Therapy group was great. Nursing, kitchen, and everyone else did a great job!

April 19, 2009

By lisa-3

I stayed here

I was upstairs not in the alzeimers unit. Not much different. I asked the nurse for my pain meds every day time and time again and always had to wait for sometimes was 2 hours. And when i would go to therapy the nurse would just be sitting there laughing and talking... i would understand if she were busy but she was sitting while i was in pain. I wont go back

April 06, 2009

By J. Smith

My loved one stayed here

Our family has had a horrible experience with Kingsbrook. Maybe on a floor where people are lucid care is better, but on the alzhiemers floor you are lucky to get a diaper changed once a day. We have complained relentlessly, and still no improvement. Keep your chandeliers and grand piano's, and give basic care to your helpless residents.
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