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Hitz Memorial Home
Posted by Fathers Stay at Hitz September 29, 2011

I visited this facility

Hitz Memorial for my father was intended to be a brief resting place for him after an operation forced him to retire. The facility upon arrival was friendly at first however decreased its potential for comfortable living as privacy was a large issue for him. it seemed as though staff did not mind if other residence would make there way into his room and go through his things while he was sleeping or away. At first i was concerned that my father was loosing his items because the surgery and medicine was damaging his memory. However; during an extended visit one day i noticed another resident go into his room while i was talking to staff just down the hall. This seemed odd to me. After a brief conversation with the RN i headed down to his room and had just caught the gentleman as he was exiting the room wearing my dads new glasses and holding a bag of snacks i had brought for myself. This man did not feel guilty at all as he obviously had some mental issues. I immediately told the RN and she had seemed confused as to why i was upset. She said she would retrieve the items, so i followed her. I stood in the door frame of the residence room and noticed several other objects of my fathers, objects he has mentioned missing. The staff knew of my father complaining of missing items with specific detail and still passed up these things during room inspections. The RN did not show hardly any concern as she went on with her business. In short the facility was very well kept and administration was able to give much needed assistance to my father and our family. It was well lit in both hallway and room with fake plants that did not seem misplaced or trashy. Wall decorations blended very well with style of each area. The staff was not very concerned about patient confidentiality or care. There hiring process could use improvement.

Hitz Memorial Home
Posted by Sandra Piening December 23, 2008

My loved one stayed here

My mother has been in here for over a year now. We pay to have her hair done once a week. It never looks like its been fixed. We go in to feed her unexpectedly. Sunday they sent a tray to her room with a small plate of peas, a bowl of white chili and a carton of milk and ice cream. This was supposed to be a meal. Hardly any meat in the soup. Went to kitchen and got a hot dog and jello to add to meal. We left instructions to have her TV on at all times, it is hardly ever on when we go in to visit her. When we feed her she eats like she is starving. They are supposed to have someone sit with her and feed her but I don't think they are doing this.

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