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Reviews of The Village of Tanglewood

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The Village of Tanglewood
Posted by Wilma1 May 29, 2013

I am/was a resident of this facility

I live in the Village of Tanglewood. It is going downhill, because little by little they're cutting services. They are putting a big bash for marketing and that is something that residents do resent because we pay for it. They ran out of food and we're down to two entrees a meal, and that is one fewer than we have been getting. The rooms and accommodation is good enough, but I think we pay too much for what we get.

The Village of Tanglewood
Posted by Reviewer1 July 22, 2011

This facility is really well kept, especially in the foyer area. They have a piano and a small pool.

The rooms are well-kept and are really modernized. The entryway is really great.

The residents have access to transportation provided by the facility. They have a recreational and fitness program for the residents. The common areas are really spacious.

It seems like the location and neighborhood is really nice. This facility also has a storage area for the residents. Some of the rooms have a view. The ceilings were also much higher than at other facilities, and the countertops are granite. They have walk-in showers, nice carpeting, crown molding, and nice window coverings.

The staff didn't want to tell me how much it would actually cost to live there, but the fees are based on a monthly rental fee. I know the fees include housekeeping and maintenance, plus transportation and the two scheduled meals per day.

If some of their residents can't meet the rental fee for the month, they have different programs and discounts for some of their seniors who are on fixed incomes, so they work with the residents so the fees won't be a burden on them.

I talked to one staff member, and she seemed to have an issue with the management, though she didn't want to get into details. She seemed to be well-trained, and she was an RN.

The staff provides after-hours contact information for staff in case any of the residents need help. The family members are welcome to come in at any time, rather than having to come in at one specific time during the day.

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