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About Somerset at Town Center

Somerset at Town Center is an independent living community in Hampton, VA designed for seniors, normally 55+, who are able to care for themselves and wish to live independently. Contact Somerset at Town Center for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Somerset at Town Center
Posted by darksaturn7 October 17, 2011

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Around last April, the family had come to the conclusion that Grandma keeping her house, as need of home repair and full of mounting bills was not worth it. She was aside from me living there (and myself moving out) was isolated from her friends in Hampton (she lived in Newport News). And driving was becoming an issue especially if it rained or grew too dark. Grandma though didn't want to simply be 'tossed in a home'.

When you think of a home, you think of cantankerous older persons shuffling along yelling for water. My Ma found this place and it is almost an 'anti-home-. Grandma has her one unit that's fashion like an apartment, her mailbox it right down the hall that passes the great room. But the best was how bright and airy the place looks. You really feel like your in some high end apartment/condo complex. The place is so nice my Ma is serious considering moving there in a few years. I mean your food is planned for you and your right by the city attractions.

Funnier still was that within a day of living there, Grandma met a few family and friends from way back in the day. She gets out, plays (or rather is trying to relearn) spades and is just living it up in a place she doesn't have to maintain. You barely feel the staff presence which is a good thing as you really feel like she's just a gray haired bachelorette having a ball. But small things like panic buttons and oversized bathrooms tell you if something were to happen help will be right there. Rather ace living space.

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