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Sumner Home Care and Hospice
Posted by Martha1 August 05, 2011

I am a caregiver for an 83 year old senior. She was losing her mobility because of a knee that was very swollen and very painful and was diagnosed as arthritis. I was present with the patient for the initial homecare visit when the nurse set up the schedule for visits. However, because I did not live with the patient, nor was I available when they visited the patient to give treatment, they would phone me with any updates on her progress and always took the time to answer any questions or address any concerns I had. The agency sent nurses to the patient's home and they did exercises to strengthen the knee and the leg as well as giving heat treatments. The nurse's were extremely professional, patient and kind to the patient. The patient however was uncomfortable with strangers in her home so she cancelled the service prior to regaining 100% of her mobility back. In summary, the health care givers were always punctual, knowledgeable and worked very hard to provide outstanding service that would enable the patient to increase their mobility.

Sumner Home Care and Hospice
Posted by vegetasprincess August 05, 2011

I am a past client of this provider

I trusted this company to care for my Great-grandmother. For the most part, my experience was a good one. We did have some issues with one of the girls not doing some aspects of her job properly though and that tended to skew my view of them as a group. My great grandmother was completely bedridden and unable to communicate very well as to how she felt at any given time. One of the girls would repeatedly not empty her catheter or turn her to ensure that she wasn't getting bedsores. We also discovered later (by marking the pads that were used) that she wasn't even bothering to clean the waste, sometimes leaving her lying there for hours in her own filth. Once we voiced our concerns we found the supervisors to be as horrified as we were at this behavior and the woman was promptly let go. This did at least make me feel a bit better. (Though the bedsores that my great grandmother got from this took months upon months to heal and I have no doubt that the pain from them was excruciating.)For the most part I would recommend them to others but I would also advise them to carefully monitor the care that they or their loved ones are receiving to ensure that it is up to standards.

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