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About Hospice of the Golden Isles

Hospice of the Golden Isles is a hospice care provider serving Brunswick, GA and the surrounding area. Hospice of the Golden Isles offers care and emotional, social, and spiritual support for patients and their families in end-of-life scenarios. Contact the provider for more details on services and rates.

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Hospice of the Golden Isles
Posted by BatesJ February 19, 2013

I am a current client of this provider

My recent experience with this hospice has left me very sad and disappointed. We had heard so many wonderful things about the place that my mother and I both thought it would be a peaceful end to my grandmothers life....we were VERY wrong. We have experienced kindness from the CNA's caring for my grandmother, but only one nurse (Trenton) has been truly kind and caring. The other nurses have been distant and cold for the most part. The worst of all has been the doctor (Dr. Shaner) he has not examined my grandmother once, he has seen my mother and I about three times over the past 4 days that she has been in hospice care and each time talked nothing about her health status or possible life span. My mother and I have been very confused the entire time and never had any real questions answered. Each time Dr. Shaner has come in he has only spoken of money and that medicare may not want her to stay (she has 30 days per medicare and has only used 4 days as of now) in this hospice, but she can get home hospice care. I'm not sure how he expects a non medical equipped person to care for a basically comatose person in a home atmosphere. I have found that he is uncaring and would NEVER recommend this hospice to anyone that care about their family member and want comfort for their loved one or themselves! Will will be moving her a better more compassionate place. VERY MAD and DISAPPOINTED!

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