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Heart To Heart Hospice
Posted by a fellow reviewer November 15, 2014

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother is in Heart to Heart Hospice. They provide and assist with medication and they bathe her. We almost lost her several weeks ago; she got a sepsis infection and they said it’s just maybe a month, but she's lived beyond that now. Now she does not sleep long anymore; she is starting to get up. It may then get to the point where she is better. They are taking care of mom as best as possible.

I like the people on the bottom that if I needed additional care, I would consider making a change. The case manager in our situation has not been good; that person who should be the lead person, we had asked that person to be replaced, and then we got another one. When we needed help, we couldn’t get the help we need. He had a medical emergency on the weekend, and they were like go to hospital. Why are we in hospice if you tell us to go the hospital? We were not satisfied with that, however as of this week my mother-in-law is back to the way she was before they told us she would die. So, they’ll probably drop us now as she got better, but we need a daily need so we will fight to keep services we think we need, and their answer to everything has been they will pay private duty nursing to get more care if you want more care.

The people who come in are great, so I am going to rate 3 because of them. The one we have now is OK, but we have problems with the case managers. I don’t like the person in charge, but I like the people and LVNs we have. They thought she died, and over the last two weeks she has gotten better. Their physician would only find orders to this place because she is a medical director on their board. I don’t like that situation. I would not recommend this facility at this time.

Heart To Heart Hospice
Posted by Jeanne K. May 02, 2013

I am a past client of this provider

I hired the services of Heart to Heart Hospice for my husband. They gave the medicines and they also taught me. They bathed and changed him everyday. And just made sure he got the right amount of food. I had no problems with the agency. Unfortunately, my husband passed away.

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