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Caring Hospice Service
Posted by Jayjay51 November 14, 2015

I am a past client of this provider


My mom passed away- and they have ONE NURSE WORKING FOR 6 counties ! Rediculous! Response time was OVER TWO HOURS. Obviously, the only thing that the big shot owners care about is MAKING MONEY. Totally SHAMEFUL ORGANIZATION. You might as hire people off the street.

Caring Hospice Service
Posted by glowworm1 June 21, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

I am a nurse in a Long Term Nursing Facility. Caring Hospice came to this facility to provide care for residents appropriate for hospice care. They offer compassionate care not only to the patient but also a very special support to family members.

They have a very good team which provides patient care, addresses the psycho-social needs,social services, Bereavement Services with Chaplains who support the patient and family at the end stages of their lives. They are exceptional at pain management, and are also willing and available to adjust this management to the residents needs. The also offer volunteers that visit the facility to provide comfort, socialization, and kindness at this difficult time. The allow residents to die with dignity and special care. I also had the privilege of working with them on a personal level as they cared for my brother-in-law's mother. Prior to her admission to the facility I work at, the Care Team visited her on a regular basis in her home. They were supportive and helpful to the family when she had to transition into Long Term Care. They made the arrangements and helped my sister and brother-in-law get her to they nursing home when she was no longer safe to be alone.

They made sure her pain was managed as she had multiple brain tumors. The volunteer brought a mountain goat string puppet and gave the puppet her name.after she passed away. Here suffering now brings joy to patients who are fighting terminal illness, and also touched my families hearts in a special way. especially her young granddaughter who is also my niece. She asked my niece if she could name the goat Botchi which is the name we called her as it is a polish word for grandmother.

The Caring Hospice Team was there for her when she took her last breaths of life, and they planned a beautiful memorial service which they all attended. Each one said a special poem or prayer at the Memorial. The Chaplain also meet her spiritually as she did not go to church but she new her soul would spend eternity with God. My younger sister is now fighting for her own battle with end stage colon cancer, and I will call them at the appropriate time. They also offered me support during my sister's battle even though she was not signed on officially to their service, I know they are only a phone call away and I know my sister will receive loving, compassionate support as well as our family.

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