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About AccentCare Petaluma

Whether you are recovering from an illness or injury or need to transition from the hospital, nursing facility or outpatient center to the home, AccentCare's home health coordinators are here to make sure that process is as smooth and seamless as possible.

We help families make the best choices and coordinate the details to ensure safety and comfort. Our licensed clinical and medical social workers can also make referrals to community resources, assess medical equipment and supplies, and verify insurance coverage.

At AccentCare we know that being in the comfort of familiar surroundings has been proven to not only speed up recovery but help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, healthcare technology coupled with competent, caring hands allows AccentCare to deliver advanced medical care without the patient ever leaving their home.

Reviews of AccentCare Petaluma

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AccentCare Petaluma
Posted by JP2 December 31, 2015

I am a current client of this provider

We are using Accent Care for my wife. They were the first people that helped me. They sent a lady out who worked for my wife for a period of time, then we stopped using their services. However, the care became too demanding, so we hired them again, and the original person we had is now working for us again. They prepare lunch together and keep her company until I get home. The caregivers have been very good so far. They are friendly and alert.

AccentCare Petaluma
Posted by bobmaz42 July 30, 2015

Having a very bad bladder infection, Dr. Rudnick of Petaluma had Accent Care come to my home to care for me. I had a pik installed and Infusion Pharmacy from Rohnert Park delivered my antibiotics and saline and another tube to be injected through my Pik to my home. Maureen Foley of Accent came to our house and instructed my wife on how to insert the syringe twice a day. Maureen then assigned Amy Hannigan to my case. She came to my house several times to check my vitals and cared for a few other minor needs.

I am so impressed by these health care professionals. I never heard of a home nurse service that would come to the home to assist someone in need.

Golly, I can't express in words how convenient it was just to call their office, tell them about a problem and out comes a nurse to your home.

Thank you all for helping me through my medical issues.

Bob Mazeres Petaluma, Ca

AccentCare Petaluma
Posted by DrJames'Corner September 29, 2011

AccentCare has been providing home health care services for over 10 years. They provide comprehensive services that range from personal, non-medical, rehabilitation services, and hospice care. As a former Director of Social Services in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) I had the opportunity to refer patients to AccentCare. Families reported that the staff was professional and caring toward their loved ones and very knowledgeable in regards to medical care. Also, the AccentCare provides families with a medical social worker that provide added supported when needed.

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