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Average Rating: 4.5 based on 2 Reviews

Redstone Village
Posted by Anonymous107601750 May 29, 2015

I visited this facility

We visited Redstone Village and took a tour. The facility was nice, but their expense plan of financing was not a good option for us. We only met one person. We were there on a weekend, and it was kind of surprising that we did not see more staff, but she was very nice and accommodating. The rooms were very pretty and very modern. The facility itself was pristine. We saw that they go out for bowling, and they had a swimming pool. They play card games, and they take trips to the movies. They had a full calendar of things to do. They had church activities too. There were plenty of options. They had a small exercise room so that would have been good too. The dining room was big. It was very nice. It sounded like they had good menu options. They had like 5 standard things that you can get in every meal, and then they had three different things at each meal as well. It sounded flexible. The facility was in a good location and was well maintained.

Redstone Village
Posted by Caring66370050 December 13, 2013

I am/was a resident of this facility

Redstone Village is absolutely excellent. They have on-site physical therapy which most of them have. We were the first group that they'd ever had and there were like eight of us and the experience was great. The food was good and I had a shower in my room. I had a private room and it was very clean. At that time, they did have Alzheimer's patients on the same floor as the people who were going for PT. They have a memory care center that's all built in a circle and so the people think that they live in a community. They're like in little individual homes but it's all in a circle and it's the neatest idea. They're just more of the upscale, probably the most that we have here in Huntsville, Madison area. They could go in a store and buy something or the ladies could go to the beauty shop and they're a real community. They were wonderful and I would like to go back there.

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