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Assisted Living in Valdosta, Georgia

Assisted Living Facilities in
Valdosta, Georgia

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Valdosta, Georgia has at least 12 Assisted Living Facilities within 27 Miles

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  • Langdale Place

    Valdosta, GA 31602
    "My parents have been residents of Langdale Place for over 6 months now. Dad has dementia, mom was the caregiver but could no longer do it. I brought them to Valdosta. Move in was smooth and the..." More
  • Fellowship Home at Brookside

    Valdosta, GA 31602
    "My granny was a resident at Fellowship Home for about 3 years. We were pleased with her care. Now my mother is a resident in the Memory Care area. This facility has various levels of care from..." More
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  • Baptist Village Lake Park

    Lake Park, GA 31636
  • Presbyterian Homes

    Quitman, GA 31643
    "This place is great. I have been here on many occasions. Its a nursing home and a retirement center combined. #1 The director of admissions (Kimberly) is by far the best person on the employee..." More
  • Lake Erma Assisted Living

    Lakeland, GA 31635
    "My niece is living in a shared room at Lake Erma, and the room looks clean. They help her. She likes it because it wasn’t like a nursing home and she could get out whenever she wanted to and leave. " More
  • Hidden Oaks

    Jennings, FL 32053
    "I thought the facility was very good. The people were very polite and helpful. They assisted my friend when she moved in and helped me get her settled. They made her feel at home. The facility..." More
  • Mary's Haven

    Adel, GA 31620
    "My mother has a friend from childhood; Eleanor is now 69 and has dementia/Alzheimer's (not sure yet), and has had to move into assisted living. At Mary's Haven, it is more like being at home than..." More
  • Sparks Retirement Home

    Sparks, GA 31647
    "I found the facility to be rather cluttered but clean. It was an old converted home with no flow. All safety precautions were in place such as hand rails in the halls and bathrooms. The owners and..." More
  • Serenity Assisted Living

    Sparks, GA 31647
  • The Retreat

    Nashville, GA 31639
  • Retreat, the

    Nashville, GA 31639
  • Peacock Chateau

    Madison, FL 32340
    "My brother is in this facility. We found a nicer facility closer to us in Lake City, The owner of this facility will not even answer our calls. She will not sign the release form. We have been..." More