Assisted Living Facilities near Portland, Oregon


Pacifica Senior Living Calaroga Terrace

Portland, OR 97232


Hawthorne Gardens Senior Living Commu...

Portland, OR 97214


Regency Park Assisted Living

Portland, OR 97225


Markham House

Portland, OR 97219


Russellville Park

Portland, OR 97216


Cherrywood Village

Portland, OR 97216


Summerplace Assisted Living Community

Portland, OR 97230

Taft Home, The

Portland, OR 97205

Senior Care

Portland, OR 97238

Caring Star 2016

Courtyard at Mt. Tabor

Portland, OR 97206

Caring Star 2015

Brookdale Sellwood

Portland, OR 97202

Cost of Assisted Living in Portland

The average cost of assisted living in Oregon is $3,880 per month, according to the 2015 Genworth Financial cost of care survey, which makes it cheaper than neighboring Washington and pricier on average than California, its neighbor to the south. Starting prices for assisted living in Portland start at about $1,975 per month on average.

Other cost of living factors to consider include the state income tax, which is between 5% and 9.9%. There is no state sales tax, nor does the state tax Social Security benefits, which could help finance assisted living in Portland.

Portland Weather and Climate

Portland’s mild climate varies between coastal and Mediterranean weather conditions. Summers are warm and dry, with highs reaching about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters tend to be mild and wet, giving birth to the flannel and fleece pullover culture of the Pacific Northwest. On average, lows can get down to 35 degrees Fahrenheit at the coldest. The city gets 42 inches of rain in an average year from the 150 days of precipitation it sees annually.

Portland Neighborhoods

Assisted Living communities in Portland can be found throughout the city’s five easy-to-navigate neighborhoods, each named after its directional location in the city. The Northwest neighborhood is north of downtown and is home of the Pearl district with its wide variety of shops and restaurants as well as Chinatown and the Lan Su Chinese Garden. This is also where Forest Park, one the country's largest urban forest reserves, is located.

Southwest Portland is where you'll find the city's downtown, which is home of the Portland Art Museum, one of the largest museums in the U.S. It's also where the tony West Hills neighborhood, the Japanese Garden, and the world famous Rose Test Garden are located. On clear days visitors can take in spectacular views of Mt Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

On the other side of the Willamette, Northeast Portland is home to the Alberta Arts District and Boise neighborhood, hip shopping and restaurant districts. It's also the sports hub of the city, where the Trail Blazers play at the Moda Center. Southeast is home to Reed College, and highlights of North Portland include the gothic arches of St. John's Bridge and Cathedral Park.

Many of the city's assisted living facilities are located in the eastern part of Portland in the neighborhoods of Northeast and Southeast, though there are a few options near downtown and in quieter North Portland.


While assisted living communities usually offer transportation options for residents, Portland is also known for its easy public transportation and ease of navigation. The city's "urban growth boundary" curbs urban sprawl and increases navigability. Many neighborhoods are walkable, and because of the city's small size, most neighborhoods are no more than 20 minutes away from each other.

Mass transit connects the city and suburbs with a system of buses, streetcars and a light rail line known as the Metropolitan Area Express (MAX). Seniors may be eligible for discounted fares, and the LIFT Program offers transportation to seniors with disabilities who qualify and are unable to use other forms of transportation.

Portland Healthcare

Portland boasts a number of renowned medical facilities that serve assisted living residents throughout the city. Founded in 1875, Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center is one of the oldest medical facilities in the Northwest. Its specialties include oncology, heart care, diabetes, and rehabilitation. Provident St. Vincent has been ranked among America's top 100 hospitals by Thomson Reuters and provides specialized care in areas including heart health, multiple sclerosis, and stroke.

Local Outings

There are numerous things for seniors to do in and around Portland. Typical outings organized by the area's assisted living communities include shopping trips to Walmart and local supermarket Fred Meyer, as well as meals at local restaurants. Many communities take advantage of Portland's stunning natural beauty with scenic drives and outings to nearby natural attractions in the mountains and on the coast.

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