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Reviews of Shores at Pleasant Hill

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Shores at Pleasant Hill
Posted by commercesd May 22, 2012

I visited this facility

The Shores at Pleasant Hill assisted living facility was one of the places we saw while looking in the region for our great aunt.

The exterior was designed like a hotel or resort, with nicely appointed and beautifully landscaped greenery overlooking nearby Copper Creek Lake. Some of the seniors maintain the garden.

The lobby was clean and fresh with very nice staff to greet us. We first saw the fitness center which had well maintained equipment and ample rooms. They also had daily classes and the residents could safely navigate the lovely patio grounds with adequate supervision as necessary.

Their library was impressive, with many good books and games. They also offer Internet access. They also have a convenient salon, Internet cafe and work spaces for various hobbies and crafts.

The meal menus all had healthy food options for all kinds of diets. The dining room was quite nice, with plenty of space. The food we saw looked and smelled delicious. Healthy snacks are offered all day and into the evening, as well as whenever residents request them.

The living spaces were generous, with several different floor plans to choose from and the safety of the residents is assured at all times.

The residents are taken to many interesting events in the region -- to take advantage of the many cultural activities. The many planned outings feature everything from book readings and discussions to the arts, and visits to local museums, galleries, film and theater.

This is a full service senior community with a very attentive staff -- and we could see how anyone would really enjoy living in this environment.

Shores at Pleasant Hill
Posted by damionstyles May 19, 2012

I visited this facility

The facility itself is very nice. It is an apartment complex offering various ranges of assisted living services. It is located directly next to a lake that residents can either visit or see from their window if they are on the correct side of the building. The staff is accommodating, but are very averse to any actions that might hinder "routine". There seems to be a rather extensive list of rules for the facility, which can be good or bad, depending upon your preference. The residents are very friendly for the most part and are quite courteous. They will hold doors and elevators for you, and engage in friendly conversation. There is very good parking services for residents, including and indoor parking garage. There is also a little shop in which residents can spend money to buy snacks and other assorted conveniences. In addition, there is a hair salon in the facility. All in all, I would recommend The Shores, but be aware that there are a number of rules and guidelines.

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