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VMP Manor Park
Posted by Caring91124150 July 31, 2014

I visited this facility

A friend of mine will be moving to Village at Manor Park. The size of the place was large enough for her. She got a one bedroom and she like that. It's an older place and I think it could use some updating, but it's very clean. They were already re-doing the apartment. They were repainting it and she was getting I believe new carpeting.

VMP Manor Park
Posted by Dissapppointed October 25, 2013

My uncle reside at the Village on the vent unit for over 5 yrs......I know now why his body broke down and he had ulcers that were horrible, he was a tube-feeder and therefore required excellent mouth care, however he did not get it, when he died we saw his teeth and they were horrific. It is so unfortunate that we have such uncaring people who works in these types of placing. The majority of the staff does little as possible so forth as care is concern and some of the aids have the worst attitudes when you complain. They stopped getting my uncle up in a chair and he became bed ridden, there was a great director who was there but had left.....(some hispanic name) was very good and caring, but that and the unit has changed but for the worse. I guess in a way I am glad and relieved that my uncle is gone for he did not recieve the proper care. They took advantage of the Patient right to refused and would not brush his teeth, (which began to fall out) wash his hands and God's knows what esle. Unbelievable!!!!! Very Poor care on the Palmer Vent Unit.........

VMP Manor Park
Posted by Dismaayed in Milwaukee February 29, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Village at Manor Park is a large facility on the southwest side of Milwaukee. It has many levels of care. There is independent senior living, assisted living and nursing home. I have blind cousin living in the assisted living center and is quarantined a bed in the nursing home when the time come.Bill, has a beautiful room overlooking the court yard which is can only see the light and the dark but says he enjoys the sounds of the people out there and being out there in good weather. The faculty is geared to his condition and has made accommodations for his needs such as making more things in Braille so he can get around more indecently. He says the meals are excellent and the staff is very pleasant and helpful. He had lived in the home for the blind most of his life but says that "The Village" is much better and he feels safer there. He attends a variety of activates including bingo where he has a Braille bingo card and also plays "sheep head" with other men using Braille playing cards. They have many holiday program music programs which Bill says are great.He is very happy and satisfied at the Village at Manor Park.

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