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Chez Bon Guest Home is an assisted living facility in Long Beach, CA that offers residents independent living options and daily support services. Contact Chez Bon Guest Home for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Chez Bon Guest Home
Posted by A Longterm Care Worker August 26, 2011

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This 82-bed facility, licensed as community care, works with some of the most difficult residents: All must have a mental health diagnosis, and some also have developmental disabilities.

The intake age is 18 to 59, although residents can remain past the cut-off age with a medical certification. The facility opened when many hospitals were closed in the 70s"”and there are residents who have been here since that time.

It is a refurbished apartment complex that fits in well with its surroundings"”close to a library and park, strip malls and shopping center"”although the neighborhood would not be considered the safest. The entire facility is fenced in, more to keep people out than in.

The outside space is well maintained, including an area with pleasant trees and plantings"”along with benches and tables"”where residents congregate. Inside, the common areas are also kept immaculate, tended by a full cleaning staff from 8 to 5 daily.

The staff members, including the administrator, are all very hands on, with an open door policy: they have good communication with the residents.

There are two main cooks on staff. All the food is home-cooked; there are no pre-packaged meals"”servings are generous and snacks are also provided throughout the day.

Many of the residents go out to one of four different day programs. As for onsite activities, there is a back patio area with basketball courts where focus groups, games, and arts and crafts are held"”along with barbeques and holiday celebrations. There are supervised walks daily and a TV room.

The care is good. Doctors visit, and several dentists are located nearby, which is convenient. And every staff member knows every resident by name"”and is well trained in dealing with difficult behavioral situations. Every staff member is given a briefing on each resident at intake"”and there is an annual assessment, along with periodic health assessments.

There is also a money management program available here; residents can opt to have their SSI payments distributed to them every week or day. The facility is also payee for several residents.

Chez Bon is usually full to capacity; many referrals come from hospitals all over the south bay. The main strength of this facility is that it takes people that no other place will"”and a lot of people who have been kicked out of other places are able to settle in and do OK here.

The charges are state-mandated"”and all residents receive SSI or SSA.

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