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Reviews of Regal Estates of League City

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Cindy073040 September 30, 2016

I am a friend or relative of a current/past resident

Regal Estates of League City had good, nice, and big rooms, and I think they're better than most places for the price. I like the level of care and their communication to each other. The food is good. They have a variety of activities, and they have different church services which is really good and important for my mom, and they have activities for their minds, arts and crafts, Bingo, and a lot of good activities.

Loving Daughter38 March 22, 2016

I visited this facility

Regal Estates of League City was not only beautiful like a hotel but also seemed like a happy place. There was laughter and a lot of people out and about socializing. The rooms were lovely and very pretty. They had a beauty parlor.

daynasteele February 22, 2016

I am a friend or relative of resident

I will never be able to say enough good things about Regal Estates. They did an amazing job with Mom and made her transition from her own home to assisted living as good as they could. She made fast friends with the activities director and all went out of their way to make her a part of the community. We truly loved this place but once Mom progressed into Alzheimer's, she became more aggressive and a danger to others. We had to move her to a memory care facility. We even threw a BBQ lunch for the entire staff after she was gone to thank them all. I so wish Mom could have stayed til the end here. They became part of our family in a short period.

monarchbythesea January 28, 2016

I visited this facility

The visit to The Terraces at Los Altos was very good. They represented themselves very well. The people were great. I would definitely recommend them.

NFGarrett January 28, 2016

I visited this facility

We visited Regal Estates for my father. It was great. It was a nice place. I didn’t meet everybody, but the ones who I did meet were good. The rooms were nice. They have enough room, and they were clean. I would recommend Regal Estates to others.

Sandy118522150 January 15, 2016

I visited this facility

Regal Estates has four or five different floor plans ranging from efficiency up to two-bedroom, two-bath, and I didn’t choose any particular one. I just said that I was open to anything from efficiency up to the one-bedroom because it’s just my father. Anything from the smallest to the largest one-bedroom that they had was what I put him on the waiting list for. The staff was very friendly. The only people that I met were the receptionist, the marketing manager, and the nurse, who did a very quick evaluation of my father to see whether he might qualify to live there. The day that we were there happened to be Veterans Day, and they were having a special Veterans Day ceremony and giving out certificates to all of the veterans and wives of veterans. I know that they have physical and occupational therapy there, but that’s only on doctors' orders, so it’s not something that everybody gets. They have an exercise room.

Bird doc January 03, 2016

I am a friend or relative of resident

I moved my father to Regal Estates 1.5 years ago. He had lost a spouse and had health issues that prevented him from living alone in a small town. Regal Estates has been perfect for him. It is clean and happy place. Safe and comfortable. In response to previous reviews. I visit at least 4 times a week and spend a lot of time there so I see a lot. I like the reception desk right when you come in. Residents are free to come and go but check in and out. Staff always knows who is there. This is excellent security for the residents and to prevent just anyone off the streets from coming in. They know who is in the facility at all times. You are always greeted with a smile, you feel welcome. I love coming in seeing everyone gathered around the main entry hall. It is a social area where residents gather to visit, wait for family, etc. in nice weather residents often gather outside to watch the birds and enjoy the weather. Yes some are in wheelchairs and some are napping. That is what happens if you are fortunate enough to live that long. If I sit down too long I also fall asleep. There is a list of activities every day. Bus that takes people to doctor appointments and many outside activities such as shopping, annual events like baseball games and the air show each fall. Regal Estates is both independent living and assisted care. This is not a nursing home nor a memory care facility however residents are able to continue to live as independently as possible for as long as possible due to the levels of assisted care available. There are 2 floor and 2 wings of the building. The main area are clean and well maintained. The meals are good, there are several choices of foods at every meal, snack times, happy hour and other special events. The apartments all have handicap designed walk in showers no bathtubs, nothing that you have to step in or out of. The apartments are roomy and nice. This is their private home space and this is respected by the staff. There is a weekly cleaning and laundry service. The staff is skilled, caring and always do everything they can to provide a safe and healthy environment. My father has made this his home , is cared for by a professional staff, he has made many friends and even has a special girl friend. He just celebrated his 90 th birthday and yes, you may find him napping in a chair by the reception desk. I am a medical professional and have lived in League City for over 23 years. Thank you Regal Estates for all you do for me and my father every day

Anonymous116029250 December 10, 2015

I am a friend or relative of a resident

We didn't like Regal Estates of League City at all. They had good food and very good care services, but it was not quite as nice as the one she stayed in before. They should improve the activities for all residents. They offer bingo, but my mom doesn’t like it and isn't happy that there aren't enough activities. Everybody has dementia, so one day they know you and next they don’t, and my mother is not happy about that.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to post this review. We are disappointed that your mother did not enjoy her stay as our top priority is to deliver the best quality services and care for our residents. That said, thank you for your very positive comments about the food and care she received. Should you wish to discuss your experience in more detail, we welcome your comments to our Executive Director, Christopher Wiley, 281-538-5993.

Anonymous117515350 December 01, 2015

I visited this facility

Regal Estates of League City was a large community. It seemed they had a lot of options. It was very clean. However, it was way too large and had more than we needed. It was actually set up for people that needed more assistance. We saw one of the rooms and the cafeteria, and they seemed to be nice. The staff was very nice too. They seemed very competent.

Curtis11 November 30, 2015

I visited this facility

Financially speaking, Regal Estates of League City is the one we like best. It looks homey. I just felt my mom would be happier there because the people there are really sociable. There were a lot of interaction with the different people.

DaleP October 30, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident

Having my mother, mother-in-law and father at assited living, nursing homes and rehab facilities the past four years has taught me one important leason; caring for your loved one is about the people. Regal is a nice, well kept facility, but it is the care givers that have made it a special place. In all that time I saw only one instance of a employee being rude to a resident. I never reported it, but I never saw that employee again. It takes a very special person to deal with the problems of aging; where they found so many good, patient people is beyond me.

Careagor October 29, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mom has been a resident for 3 yrs. Everyone that works at Regal is friendly and helpful to residents and families. I felt like I made new friends with many of the staff and other residents. Regal is always clean and they have lots of activities for residents. The staff worked with us as our needs changed. My mom said many times that she liked it there and was happy. I highly recommend Regal Estates.

havardgrish October 22, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident

My dad has been at Regal Estates for about four months. His quality of life has greatly improved since he moved into the facility. The staff and personnel treat him like family or a dear friend. All that was promised by Regal Estates has proven to be true or better than foretold. Meeting with Angela Reader and working with her to find a home for my father has proven to be a great blessing for him. Also, those who have chosen to live at this location have become dear friends of my father. It is a wonderful place to live. God bless Regal Estates.

C Cook January 01, 2015

I visited this facility

Took my Mother in law for a vist this residance and it is beautiful! Angela is a staff member and took us on a tour. She is one of the nicest people we have had the pleasure to meet. My mother in law loved it and will become a resident there next year. We have visited 3 others and none like this. The entire staff was very kind and friendly and really made a difference . My Mother in law has been unwilling to agree to assisted living until then. Now she can't wait to get moved in. I would highly recommend Regal Estates. Thank you Angela!

Dot6 November 30, 2014

I visited this facility

I was able to visit Regal Estate, and it was a wonderful facility, very beautiful. Everything was just nice. We had lunch there, and it was great. The staff was very nice as well. We were there around lunch time so I did not see many activities going on. I saw that there were residents on the porch talking.

Rudy4 November 01, 2014

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My sister is already at Real Estates of League City. We chose it because it's wonderful and they have been wonderful. The staff are very helpful. She has fallen three times while she is walking and I have been contacted immediately and the doctors were there immediately. There has never been a problem. The rooms are wonderful and very efficient. The facility does not have an alcohol scent, and it is very clean. My sister likes their food except one thing, and I forgot what it is, but she has been eating everything.

tammy14 September 08, 2014

I visited this facility

Regal Estates was located in a nice neighborhood. It was very homey and very friendly. It has a very strong community spirit. There were people going up and about in activities and doing things. They were mingling with one another, very active, they were singing, and you could tell they have friendships there. The staff has genuine care, very professional and very friendly.

Aldowds September 07, 2014

I am a friend or relative of resident

My mother is currently a resident of this facility. When she first moved there, I spent a substantial amount of time with her. There are many nice things that I could say about Regal Estates, but most important to me is that they deliver what they promise. The staff are caring, compassionate and quick to respond to resident's needs. The residents are friendly and have helped my mother adjust to Sr. living. My fears about moving my mother have been overcome as this facility has exceeded all of my expectations.

Happy7 July 18, 2014

I visited this facility

Cheapest of the 4 we toured. Best atmosphere, staff and residents all seemed active and happy. Residents offered unsolicited endorsements. Largest efficiency suites of the 4. My Mom will be moving in.

Caring75775250 March 26, 2014

I visited this facility

We went to Regal Estates of League City and it’s a beautiful facility, but it is large. It would be hard for her to maneuver the place because she's blind. The staff were nice. Their rooms were nice and the dining room was very pretty. They offer pretty much the same activities as the other facilities like bingo or arts and crafts, but we never really worry about activities because we know she wouldn’t be able to participate.

redhead1252 March 15, 2014


We called today to get info about your place today around 4:30pm. The lady that answered the phone Yelled There is no fire just stay in your room and then hung up the phone.

Provider Response

I am very sorry to learn that you did not have a favorable impression of the community. We do not tolerate for our staff to treat our current or our prospective residents in this manner. We will investigate the incident and in-service our concierge staff on our communication protocol. I want to personally invite you to contact me directly. I would greatly appreciate another opportunity to show you why so many residents call Regal Estates "home".

Angie Smerz, Executive Director, (281) 538-5993

Caring73947850 February 27, 2014

I visited this facility

Regal Estate was great. I liked the sizes of the rooms and the affordability. The staff was great. It was established and they had lots of good things. They also had lots of activities. The person that we were dealing with was generous, kind, compassionate and very open to us. They also had good rates.

Caring76851250 January 31, 2014

I visited this facility

Mom will be moving at Regal Estates of League City. We chose this facility because it's reasonably priced and less expensive than some of the others I've visited. She has very, very nice one-bedroom apartment with a nice view of the courtyard. The staff seemed absolutely wonderful, friendly, and caring.

Vivianne1 September 26, 2013

I visited this facility

I also had the chance to visit Regal Estate and that is a very nice facility. A very pretty and clean place, but it just didn't work out for my dad because they don't have a secured facility and my dad has Alzheimer's, but what they have is a 24-hour nurse. I haven't tried the food but it looks good.

Caring75012 July 11, 2013

I visited this facility

Gina of Regal Estates was very helpful. My mother and I met with her and I had met with her previously and talked with her on the telephone, she was helpful and pleasant. I did like the place. It was close to a good location where we wanted my mother, which we haven't moved yet and my sister lives very close to her. It looked like it was very finely run.

Texas Lady 1 December 22, 2012

I visited this facility

This is a very nice facility, but there are issues as with any place. I found the fee for eating with the residents to be too high for what you got. Sometimes the food was good, other times it was horrible. The care takers work the kitchen as well as help with the residents, too over worked for the most part, in my opinion. Getting things fixed seemed to take too long, ie. toilet seat was broken and wasn't fixed immediately, a BIG safety hazard. Took several weeks to get a light bulb in the bathroom replaced. Not enough activities for all the residents, only those that were able to travel outside the facility and get around, the others seemed to be lost or left without much to do. Overal it is a very clean and well kept facility, but needs some work for sure.

Provider Response

Thank you for taking the time to review our community at The Regal Estates of League City. We are truly sorry to hear that you did not have a better experience, though. We take great pride in our dining services, as we try to offer a consistently delicious and affordable meal to all of our residents. We try our best to accommodate our workers by giving them the time and resources to be successful at their jobs. Maintenance is also a top priority at our community, as we like ensure that everything is working and up to standard at all times. We also have daily activities for our residents. These can vary on a weekly basis giving our residents fresh, new experiences which we feel is very important. We truly appreciate you taking the time to review our community and we’d be appreciative to hear even more about how we can improve. Please feel free to reach out to me whenever it is most convenient! – Angie Smerz (281) 538-5993

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From Regal Estates of League City

Senior assisted living at Regal Estates of League City offers residents the best of both worlds. All benefits of our senior living community are combined with a full spectrum of senior care services to create a premier senior assisted living community. Residents enjoy beautiful surroundings, on-site amenities and social programs alongside continual on-call medical care.

At Regal Estates of League City, we adhere to state-of-the-art standards of senior assisted living while providing a special touch. Our residents receive personal and comprehensive care and are consistently treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Whether our residents need help with day-to-day activities, getting to appointments, or medication management, our caregivers kindly and competently meet those needs.

Our assisted living community in League City has been purposefully designed to provide you or your loved one with a nurturing, comfortable, home-like environment that is attractive and easy to navigate. We foster community and family by hosting many activities and events each month. Residents are encouraged to participate in as many pursuits and outings as they like, appropriate to their ability. No matter what, everyone is treated as an individual person with unique needs.

At Regal Estates of League City, our residents live life to its fullest as they age in place.

Assisted Living Amenities

  • Personalized Care Plans
  • 24-hour Staffing
  • Emergency Response System
  • Medication Management
  • Scheduled transportation to local shopping and medical appointments
  • Award winning Wellness Everyday™ programs, provided 7 days a week
  • Dining for Wellness™ - educational and wellness program
  • Brain Health University™
  • Beauty and Barber Shop
  • Housekeeping and maintenance service
  • All utilities and basic cable included
  • Individually controlled heat and central air
  • Fresh, seasonal cuisine prepared by the dining service team

What Makes Us Special

On-Site Physical and Occupation Therapy___ Conveniently located in a quiet, gated community just blocks from South Shore Harbor___ Licensed Nurse on Staff___ 24 hour concierge___ variety of life enrichment programs including award winning “Brain Health Un

Features of Regal Estates of League City


  • Minimum Rate $2500/month
  • Rent Plus Care Fees
  • Entry Fee

Room and housing options

  • 1-bedroom apartments
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Studio Apartments

Dining options

  • In Room Kitchenette
  • In Room Kitchens
  • Dining Room Shared Meals
  • Room Service For Meals


  • Beauty Barber Shop
  • Computer Room
  • Resident Transportation
  • Party Space
  • Tv Room
  • Garden And Patio
  • Security Gate

Cleaning services

  • Laundry For Linens
  • Private Cleaning Services
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry For Clothing

Technology and entertainment

  • Technology Extra Resident Responsible For Cable, Tv, Internet

Health services

  • Medication Management
  • Physical Therapy


  • Offsite Activities
  • Music
  • Stories
  • Religious Services
  • Lectures Discussions
  • Book Clubs
  • Wii Sports
  • Fitness Room
  • Yoga
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Arts And Crafts

Financial guidance

  • Home Sale Assistance
  • Va Benefits Consultation
  • Financing Advice

Guest services

  • Guest Parking
  • Guests At Mealtime
  • Overnight Guests


  • Staff Patient Ratio 1: 25
  • Minimum Age 62
  • Pets Small Pets Allowed

Range of services

  • Physical Therapy


  • Licenses Assisted Living Type A
  • State Licenses 050601

Location of Regal Estates of League City

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