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Reviews of Trump Pavilion

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Trump Pavilion
Posted by 017 August 30, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

Although it is located in a fairly busy area, the outside clearly states its function and is hard to miss. You cannot come here without at least seeing 4 or 5 elderly outside enjoying a little fresh air. There is always staff outside keeping an eye on the seniors, and their wheelchairs are always in the locked position. The inside is great, they have a very well-organized, well-lit reception counter which gives off a vibe of cleanliness and order. The rooms are slightly older because the building itself is older, but is well maintained by the staff. Speaking of the staff, they are swift and keep to themselves, always set on making sure the elderly have what they need, and they're off, speedily, to tend on others who may need assistance. I did not taste the food there, but my great-grandmother seemed content. As always, the diets are specially planned, so everything wasn't exactly as sweet or as salty as she would have liked.

Trump Pavilion
Posted by takergirl August 02, 2011

The rehab/nursing home is excellent. The nyrses are beautiful and tend to your every need. The therapists are patient and caring. The food is excellent. And they aleays have social events every dy. I reccomend this facility.

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