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About Carveth Village of Middleville

Carveth Village of Middleville is an assisted living facility in Middleville, MI that offers residents independent living options and daily support services. Contact Carveth Village of Middleville for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Carveth Village of Middleville
Posted by Mark3 June 29, 2012

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My experience generally pleasant. My grandmother and grandfather appeared to be well taken care of despite their disabilities. The nurses would check up on them frequently, and they were on top of when they were supposed to go eat or take their medications. I was able to dine with my grandparents in their dining hall and the food that was provided seemed to be of a very high quality given that it was mass prepared for hundreds of people. The food was diverse enough that I do not believe my grandparents would have been malnourished or missing any important food groups. There was also a fairly wide selection to accommodate various diet needs that might need to be met. There was also an entertainment facility where people were able to do various arts and crafts. It was well stocked and had a large number of things that could be done. Overall I think that this facility turned out to be a good place for my grandparents and I would recommend it to other families who need a place for their elderly members to stay and for whatever reason cannot accommodate them at home.

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