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About Thompson Care Center

Thompson Care Center is an assisted living facility in Kansas City, MO that offers residents independent living options and daily support services. Contact Thompson Care Center for more details on housing, services, and rates.

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Thompson Care Center
Posted by Roberts1980 July 07, 2011

I visited this facility

Thompson Care Centre is a mental healthcare facility located on a busy, main street in a rather rough neighbourhood. My tour guide said my elderly grandparents would be a perfect fit, but many of the residents were more middle-aged and some were even in their twenties and thirties. In addition, I felt that this facility would be a good fit for low-income, elderly people in need of mental healthcare, but would not be a very good option for those who were only confronting the physical difficulties of ageing.

This facility appeared well-run and well-organised. The nurse's station was neat and tidy, with all drugs securely locked and all charts handy and well filed. The nurse who gave me the tour was very outgoing and enthusiastic. When I arrived she had all the residents working on a project to clean up their porch, sidewalk, and front yard area so that the facility would look nice from the street. She seemed to have a strong, personal relationship with each of the residents and was adept in giving each what he or she needed in a conversation.

The main floor was a large common space where residents watch TV, and had a cabinet from which the staff can sell sweet treats to residents. There was also a dining room and kitchen as well as administrative offices. The bedrooms were all upstairs, and residents usually share a bedroom between three or four people. The spaces looked conscientiously maintained and clean, but very sparse and without any luxury. The building itself was old and looked run-down in some ways, but also looked like it was maintained well enough to stand up to the rough use it sees every day. My tour guide summed it up well, saying "it's nothing fancy, but it's a roof over their heads." She also suggested that the neighbourhood was a little rough, saying they prefer not to take residents young enough to want to walk around the property much because it would be easy for them to get into trouble.

On the whole, this appeared to be a facility geared toward those individuals with some financial difficulties in addition to their needs for mental healthcare. My guide suggested most residents relied almost entirely on their case worker for transportation to doctors' appointments and similar things. In my opinion, this would not be my first choice for people who are just seeking a place to accommodate their physical limitations as they age. However, given certain budgetary limitations and a need for mental healthcare, I felt that the staff at Thompson does an admirable job of caring for their residents.

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