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Almost Home
Posted by Middledaughter March 28, 2012

I am a friend or relative of resident

Left my Mom here for two nights. The facility seemed okay at first. but, I called my Mom and she said they grabbed her arm and kept her from getting water on her own. This facility was too restrictive and offered little or no activities for the residents. May be ok for advanced patients who need no independence but, my Mom had nightmares after her stay there and she was so relieved to be out of there.

Almost Home
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Posted by Michael F. November 17, 2011

I visited this facility

I was very impressed by this facility. They had an adult-daycare center that was focused on improving the memory and function of the elderly who have Alzheimer's disease, dementia, or similar ailments.

It seemed to be a very small and family-owned facility, which is a definite plus. They were also extremely affordable due to the fact that they are a not-for-profit agency.

The owner seemed to be a very kind and caring person - and mentioned that she started the facility due to her mother's problems with Alzheimer's disease.

I would highly recommend this facility to anyone in the Jacksonville area.

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