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Renaissance Center
Posted by Daydreamer181 January 28, 2015

I am a friend or relative of resident

Renaissance Center is absolutely horrible. The only reason it got 1 star is because this website requires me to rate, otherwise it would have gotten none! My grandma came to to this facility for rehabilitation after being in the hospital. The building smells of mildew and urine and desperately needs to be cleaned!! My grandma spent a week there before she went back to the hospital for chest pain. The staff did not even want to call an ambulance to have her brought back to the hospital, they were more concerned with clipping her fingernails than they were her actual health!! There are issues of neglect as they allow patients to lay in their own urine and fecal matter for hours at a time. I asked on 4 different occasions to get assistance getting my grandma to the restroom and was told no or argued with by staff. one nurse told my grandma to go to the bathroom in her diaper in her bed!!! They only have 2 nurses per 28 patients per hallway per shift! Very understaffed especially for having a lot of special needs patients! Patients are also roaming the halls unsupervised and the nurses don't seem to care or cannot be found! I would not recommend having your loved one go to this facility, no one should be treated the way this place treats their patients!! This facility should be investigated and shut down!!!

Renaissance Center
Posted by Concerned Social Worker August 05, 2011

I visited this facility

This facility, which is assisted living without dedicated memory care, is operated by Sunbridge, which is a chain. It is clean and nice and free of smells inside, but located close to the county airport, which can be noisy.

The 34 private rooms, which include kitchenettes, range in size from 200 to 600 square feet. The prices, depending on level of care required, start at around $2,000 a month"”and go up, depending on size of the unit and care received.

As for meals, there is not much choice; residents are generally limited to what the nursing home next door offers.

A few other downfalls: There is not much for residents to do outside, no walking paths or good area for sitting and getting fresh air. The activities are also minimal.

The staff members will help with meds, and will also constantly monitor residents to see whether they need more care. Sometimes, though, they allow residents to stay a bit too long"”and they may then become fall risks. And there is also only three caregivers for 30-some people, which is not enough if the residents start to need more care.

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