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Lake Terrace West
Posted by AphaK April 17, 2015

I visited this facility

I have spent a lot of time over of many months at Lake Terrace as one of my mom used to live there. Previously, my mom was in rehab at one of the worse nursing homes in the city, it had a two hour wait before they would attend to my mom's needs like going to the bathroom. Plus, she had a roommate who was hard of hearing, who hardly ever left her room and often times with fall asleep with the tv on so loud. My mom was very much against living in a nursing home. So I looked for an alternative and discovered Lake Terrace.

I took a tour and was impressed on how clean it was, and how the rooms gave a feeling of independence rather than a feeling of a facility. I first visited West than I took a tour of North, which are very close to each other. I was also impressed that the room was big enough to fit my mom's queen bed. When my mom first moved in, the staff made an extra effort to get to know her. They were warm to her. Most importantly at that time, they were able to take her to the bathroom and assist her in a reasonable amount of time. This took a load off my mind considering the nightmare she had been through with the nursing home.

My mom enjoyed it there at first, she had some peace, her own place and made new friends. They had a nice activity session each day for the residents. My mom did some paintings. This was just one of the many activities they do with residents. One of her paintings was auctioned off and the money raised was donated to charity.

It seemed to be going smoothly, but as my mom's condition got worse, so did her care. It wasn't known at first she could walk until my mom convinced someone that should got still walk but needed assistance. I would take her for walks and could hear people saying how surprised they were that she could walk.

There was issues about how many times they would take her for a walk. But this was the least of her problems. When she finished her last rehab, it was obvious that her condition had worsen, they were slow to adjust. Part of the reason was, there was much turnover, there was a new nurse, manager, pill passer, some new caretakers.

In this kind of environment, communication is more important as well as adjusting to the condition within the facility's framework so that residents get the best care possible! They did such a good job in adjusting to my mom's condition in the beginning, but when she needed them the most later on, they failed. For example, when they would put in her bed, she was not in the middle, too close to the side. Some caretakers were better than others, some would always have her in the middle and others would not.

However, I give some credit, they did attend to complaints. I think some of them working there went all out for my mom. One thing you have to make certain, you must be active in your love one's care, do not leave it all up to them. I would have given this place 4 stars, but when my mom's health got bad, it deserved 2 stars. I still think they have the ability for high level of care, it just a matter of implementing it. I wish you well in your search and may you find a place suitable for your love one!

Lake Terrace West
Posted by a fellow reviewer April 18, 2013

I am a friend or relative of a resident

My mother-in-law had a room with a private bathroom at Lake Terrace West. The dining area was very nice. The staff really encouraged the residents to mingle with the others. They also made sure the rooms were always clean. They just took over everything which included the administration of medicines. We were much happier with the condition at the facility.

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