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Nancy Nkansah,PharmD a clinical pharmacist, is an associate professor of clinical pharmacy at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). As a faculty member, she is responsible for teaching student pharmacists, conducting research, and providing medication management services and consultations in the community. She posts medication alerts and updates on [http://www.ncapsul.com/] (http://www.ncapsul.com/), a blog designed to provide the public with practical medication management and safety tools. Dr. Nkansah is currently the director of the UCSF Medication Management Service, which provides medication and herbal consults, pillbox filling, and registration for free medications. She is also the development director for [Ncapsul, Inc.] (http://www.ncapsul.com), a service designed to provide the public with easy-to-use tools to prevent medication errors.

Dr. Nkansah received an MBA and her doctorate in pharmacy. She completed her residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospital. She is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist and has practiced as a licensed pharmacist in California, Florida, and Maryland.

Why I Care

"When my dad was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, there was very little on the Internet to help him understand his medications and herbals and supplements. He often called me with questions. Most of my patients have had similar problems at some point. As part of the Ncapsul team, it's touching to see the difference we're making in people's lives. I truly enjoy sharing my expertise."

Select publications:

  1. Nkansah NT, Brewer J, Connors R, Shermock K. Clinical outcomes of patients with diabetes mellitus receiving medication management by pharmacists in an urban private physician practice. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2008. 65(2): 145-9.

  2. Agness C, Murrell E, Nkansah NT, Martin C. Poor health literacy as a barrier to patient care. Consult Pharm May 2008. 23 (5): 378-82, 385-6.

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