Michael Gilfix, Fellow

No attorney has more experience in the field of law and aging than Michael Gilfix. In 1973, immediately after graduating from the Stanford Law School, he created the first legal services program for elders in the nation. As that program's director for ten years, he was a creator of the "elder law" field and regularly advised elders about legal planning aspects of caregiving and long-term care. He created his law firm, Gilfix and La Poll, in 1983 to focus exclusively on issues of concern to elders and their families. He is cofounder of the NAELA and was of the first four attorneys in the nation to be named a Fellow of the Academy. He is a California Super Lawyer and is AV rated in Martindale Hubbell by his peers nationally -- no rating is higher.

He has incomparable hands-on experience, as he has helped caregivers navigate the worlds of long-term care, public benefits, caregiver agreements, and tax issues.

Gilfix writes about such topics as long-term care planning, Medicaid, end-of-life planning, tax, and special-needs trusts for disabled children. He has been quoted in such publications as the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. His articles have appeared in Trusts & Estates magazine, Estate Planning magazine, and many other publications for practicing attorneys. He is a nationally known speaker on these topics. In 2011, his professional audiences included the American Association of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), NAELA, Maryland CPA Association, Michigan Elder Law and Disability Rights Section, Estate Planning Council of Santa Clara County, and the Planned Giving Conference at Stanford, California.

Gilfix regularly presents a series of popular community seminars in northern California. Here is a typical comment from a recent attendee: "Michael Gilfix is able to take complicated legal topics and make them understandable. He is a rare lawyer who speaks real English!"


"I went to law school to make a difference, to serve people who needed help but who had trouble finding attorneys with the right blend of knowledge, commitment, and caring. This is why I created a free legal services program right out of Stanford Law School, rather than joining a big firm and making my fortune. I couldn't have made a better decision. Years after that, my mother developed Alzheimer's disease, so I lived the reality of this devastating, life-destroying illness as I continued to advise countless families about how to plan ahead. I understand the fears that people have when they encounter these problems; I know the solutions so I can turn their fears into hope for the future."


Mr. Gilfix' website is located at www.gilfix.com. That website includes more detailed information about the many topics he and his firm address. It includes information about his speaking engagements, access to many of his articles, and access to many of his appearances on KGO radio.

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