Linda Adler, MPH, MA, Healthcare Consultant and Professional Advocate

Linda Adler received graduate training in both health education and health communication. As the manager for the Shared Decision Making Project at Kaiser Permanente, she learned the value of assisting patients in designing treatment plans that reflect their personal values and preferences. Her extensive training in decision support while working at Stanford University helped her understand that every person undergoing a healthcare challenge and every caregiver who supports them must find their individual way through the crisis.

Why I Care

"The longer I work within the medical system, the more passionate I become about helping people navigate their way through it. I've seen the fear and anxiety that often accompany a medical diagnosis and the caregiving experience, and I understand the benefits that compassionate support can provide to both the patient and the family. I believe that when people are thrown into the unfamiliar waters of a medical crisis, the most important thing I can do -- to use the familiar metaphor -- is help them to find a boat and a good set of oars so that they successfully stay afloat.

I've been a caregiver to my elderly parents, so I also understand, on a personal level, the challenges that accompany this responsibility. I strive to hold my personal experience alongside my professional training in order to be offer the best support possible to each and every client."

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