Kristen Levine

Kristen's first job in the pet arena was her fifteen-year role as the PR Director of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, (SPCA) Tampa Bay, Florida, where she played a critical role in promoting pet adoption and pet lifestyle education.

Today, Kristen is a popular guest columnist for several pet parenting blogs including Bissell's pet community and NBC Universal's She appears regularly on the nationally syndicated Daytime morning program and has logged over 1000 live television and radio interviews in her career. Kristen is also a pet product host for HSN and has served on Toyota's Pet Expert team promoting pet safe travel.

Her knowledge of pet lifestyle issues coupled with a public relations background led her to found Fetching Communications in 2003, the first public relations agency dedicated exclusively to serving the pet and veterinary marketplace. She's also the owner and president of, a news distribution service for companies seeking to distribute pet related news to journalists covering those stories.

Kristen is married and lives in Florida with her dog, two cats and a pair of miniature donkeys. Visit Kristen's website at

Why I care

"My sister and I were thrust unexpectedly into a caregiver role for my mother in 2012 when my step father passed away. Not six months later, my father died after a two week illness. Both experiences have been eye opening for us and continue to play a new role in our day to day life. Upon reflection, I discovered how much my Mom's dog helped her process her grief, healing, and relocation from her married home to a new home near her grandkids. After my father's death, I recognized how much his dogs kept him active, social and engaged as his health declined over the years. I've decided to use my experience and resources to help caregivers and seniors live their best lives through pets, whether it be through companionship, volunteering or pet therapy. Pets enhance life after 50 in many ways."