Katy Thomas Fike PhD, Gerontologist

Katy Thomas Fike, PhD is founder and CEO of Innovate50 Consulting LLC and co-founder of Aging2.0, a global innovation network.

She is a gerontologist, innovation consultant, entrepreneur, blogger and former investment banker (Lehman Brothers).

Dr Fike earned her PhD in gerontology from the University of Southern California's Davis School of Gerontology. During graduate school, she was a National Institute on Aging Pre-Doctoral Fellow and a visiting scholar at Georgia Institute of Technology's Human Factors and Aging Lab. After graduate school, Dr. Fike taught Gerontology at Georgia State University. Her research, which covers assistive technology, community-based care models, and long-term care policy issues, has been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at several national conferences. Katy earned her B.S. in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia.

She is also the founder and editor of Tech Savvy Daughter, a blog dedicated to helping older adults "use technology like their children and grandchildren do."

Why I care

"I was just seven years old when my 90-year-old grandmother moved in with my family after breaking her hip. At a young age, I witnessed firsthand many of the issues still faced by caregivers and elderly individuals across the country. Early on, I sensed that there had to be a better way to care for our elders and those who care for them. Today, as a gerontologist, I remain passionately committed to empowering older adults and caregivers."