Jennifer Serafin, N.P., Geriatric Nurse Practitioner

Jennifer Serafin is a geriatric nurse practitioner at Kaiser Redwood City, doing home visits for the Home Based Palliative Care Program. She also works in a Skilled Nursing Facility in San Leandro for Kaiser Hayward. Previously, she worked at the Jewish Home in San Francisco for over 13 years as a Nurse Practitioner.

She is the board secretary National Conference of Gerontologic Nurse Practitioners, an active member of the California Association of Nurse Practitioners, and associate clinical professor for the Physiological Nursing Department at University of California, San Francisco.

Jennifer received her bachelor of science degree in nursing from the University of Maryland, and her master of science degree as a gerontological nurse practitioner, with a minor in teaching, from the University of California at San Francisco.

Why I Care

"When I was first in nursing school, I was awed by the chaos and confusion that a health care crisis could bring to patients and their families. Since that time, I've made it my professional goal to try to help my patients feel less overwhelmed by our complex health care system. As I've achieved more education, I've used my teaching abilities to try to communicate what I know to my patients, to help them understand the complex world of medicine, so that they are less anxious about their illnesses."

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