Caitlin Morgan, Expert

Caitlin Morgan, Family Advisor Manager at and CEO of Caitlin Morgan Gerontology, has been specializing in dementia care and caregiver issues since 1986. She is also the co-creator of a new Bay Area project, Memory Care Cafe (, an occasional social club for caregivers and their loved ones with memory challenges.

Caitlin's work has included case management, program development, direct services, caregiver support and education, and consulting for organizations and companies such as the Alzheimer's Association, Family Caregiver Alliance, the Veterans' Administration, and Home Instead. Under her longstanding direction, the California Department of Aging has recognized Family Caregiver Alliance's ongoing "Camps for Caring" (a weekend event for those with memory disorders) as a Best Practice Example in the Area of Caregiving. Caitlin was the founding memory care director at Rhoda Goldman Plaza in San Francisco, and was the VP of Programs & Marketing for Gilbert Guide, a nationwide caregiver resource.

She has lectured in San Francisco State University's Gerontology Department, the Commonwealth Club of California, and assorted venues and hospitals throughout Northern California. Her work has been featured in assorted media, including NPR's "Morning Edition," PBS's "The Retirement Revolution," and USA Today. She is a member of the Gerontological Society of America and the American Society on Aging, and has twice been a presenter at ASA conferences. She has also co-presented at a California Assisted Living Association conference with Robyn Yale, noted early-stage memory loss expert, where they unveiled their pioneering support group model for AL residents with early-stage memory loss. In addition to her professional experience, Caitlin knows, firsthand, the heartbreak and demands of caring for someone with terminal cancer and Alzheimer's, as she was the primary caregiver for both her mother and former mother-in-law, to the ends of their lives.

Why I Care

"As a child, I learned the value of family elders and respect for the journey of aging. As a student, I witnessed compromised seniors in tough conditions, and vowed to be an agent of change. In my work, I've supported the constant efforts of caregivers and their care recipients---and I consider them everyday heroes. And, in my personal life, I have experienced the juggle and sacrifice of sandwich-generation caregiving, counted in currency of lost sleep, time, work, money and dreams. Yet, with avenues of help and comfort, caregivers can renew and carry on---a vision of assistance and camaraderie to which I remain committed."

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