Brenda Avadian, Founder of The Caregiver's Voice

Since 1996, Brenda Avadian, MA, has helped family caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimer's and dementia gain knowledge and strength through hope and humor.

Her personal attention to caregivers catches many by pleasant surprise. And her energy and enthusiasm, combined with her detailed approach, keeps her in demand as a caregiver expert speaker.

A spokesperson for the full range of caring options -- including in-home, adult day, residential, assisted, and skilled nursing care -- Brenda Avadian advocates the Continuum of Care Options based on each family's unique needs.

She writes over 100 articles a year for 4 websites including, since 1998. She is the co-author of a new book, STUFFology 101: Get Your Mind Out of the Clutter - a valuable resource for caregivers helping Mom and Dad downsize.

Why I care

"As a family caregiver to my father with Alzheimer's, I was one of the first family caregivers willing to write and speak nationally about caregiving. My memoir, 'Where's my shoes?' My Father's Walk through Alzheimer's, gained international prominence and continues to inform, comfort, and strengthen families and the professionals who serve them.

"My caregiving experience changed how I live my LIFE; as a result, I'm planting the seeds of joyful caring. I edit the Finding the JOY series of titles and invite you to submit your joyful story or photo. I'll help you to survive, thrive, and even find the JOY in caregiving."

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